December 22, 2009

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry if I want to...

Well, yes I used to. Being born in December and close to Christmas has been more like a curse to me growing up. I always get 2-in-1 gift all the time! Karen Rinehart who is also a December baby says it best:
Remember as a kid you had to wait ALL year for an excuse to ask for a gift? And then you got the dreaded, "Combo Birthday-Christmas Gift". And if you DID get an actual birthday gift, it was wrapped in Christmas paper. Bet you got a lot of ornaments too...
It is quite distasteful she decided to ask people to vote to stop this epidemic! I wish her luck.

Well, today is my birthday and though scarred for life with this combonic plague that befell all December babies, I've come to terms with it and is at peace with it now that I'm older and can't care any less! I'd rather forget my age and see about getting rid of my wrinkles, grey hair and all that comes with it each year...blech!

Me & my daughter being goofy with our matching doggies.

My hubby and daughter kidnapped me after work and drove beyond the border of North Carolina to South Carolina to surprise me with a lunch date at my favorite resto in South Carolina: Red Bowl. I was overjoyed! I love this place and the thought of pigging out on my favorite dishes was a huge treat enough!

SUSHI!!! - Vegetable and Sweet Potato Rolls
and my favorite drink Thai Tea

 Red Bowl Lo Mein with Tofu and Vegetables
Sesame Tofu with Brown Rice
Chicken nuggets, Cheese sticks with Brown Rice

As we got home, my hubby pulled another surprise. A home made Tiramisu Cake (my favorite!) which he made while I was at work! I'm stuffed and so loved! Since today is my birthday, I get to be a Diva Queen all day and no one is allowed to complain! Don't you just love it when it's your birthday anytime of the year?

Now, I can't wait for Christmas...


  1. Happy birthday! That would be terrible to have to share your birthday with such a big, expensive holiday ... my birthday falls on Easter sometimes and as a kid I hated it because it seemed like everyone forgot. I couldn't imagine having to share it with Christmas.

    Sounds like your family has got it together, though!

  2. Happy Birthday! The dinner looks delicious.

  3. sweet is that. Those are the best kind of gifts, and I'm sure you do feel so loved.

    Happy Birthday!!


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