November 19, 2009

3 O'Clock Prayer for Anissa

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11/20/09 UPDATE from Peter (Anissa's Husband which has really brought tears to my eyes) :

At this point, mostly what we need is prayer. To my knowledge, I know of prayer chains in Europe, Africa, and North America. Several small towns are praying. Friends old and new, and complete strangers are praying. That’s exactly what we need now. Pray for her to make it through one more night with no more bleeding. Pray for the blood in her head to recede. Pray for her to come out of this.

Please pray for our family. I’m going to need to lean on you all. I’m not as strong as she is.


Who is Anissa? Well, you may not personally know her. I don't. But we all know what happened to her on Tuesday which shocked and moved the whole blogosphere and twitterworld #prayersforanissa. I've always been a firm believer in the power of prayer and what opportune time to come together as one praying for her! It don't matter if you do know her or don't. What matters is you're here to pray for her. Community of bloggers coming together for one sole purpose and that is to pray for her safe recovery. We owe it to her as a bloggy sister.

I will start this prayer vigil for Anissa at 3 O'clock. Please join me every day at 3 O'clock to pray for her until she recovers. Just a minute of your time is required. Let's all go down on our knees and pray for Anissa.

And if your heart moves you to help out in the form of donation, all you need to do is click on her badge on my side bar. Grab it too and post it in your blog if you would. You can also follow updates on her condition at this page dedicated to her.

Pray with me! Pledge your time below:


  1. I love this idea! I will be praying at 3pm Central today!

  2. She's such a bright spot in the blogosphere. I'll be praying for sure!

  3. I will say a prayer for her tonight.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I had not heard about poor Anissa. I will pray for her. I love that we can unite as a people through the blogosphere...there really are good people out there!

  5. I'm praying. So far the updates sound promising :-)

  6. hi maricris!

    thanks for stopping by my blog =) Both my parents are filipino indeed! I will definitely keep Anissa and her family in my prayers. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  7. I don't know Anissa personally, but you can't virtually interact with mommy bloggers for long without bumping into her. She is such an amazing personality, you can't help but know who she is, and want desperately to see more of her.

  8. Prayer works! I will be joining you in praying for Anissa daily.


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