November 16, 2009

Zen Blogging: Are You FTC Ready?

 A video excerpt from FTC Endorsement Guides for Bloggers

If you have been following the previous hullabaloo created by FTC this April in connection with mommy bloggers then you know that the effective date of the revised  FTC guidelines for bloggers on December 1st is fast approaching! The noise it created has put an ugly stigma on most mommy bloggers which was evident in an advise given to another mom who wanted to start momblogging in one of the local mom sites I actively belong to. Deep within me, I was hurt but I did not take offense since a lot of them out there are so misinformed and don't have a clue what negates to be a true mommy blogger!

On this note, I decided to create these 3 Sets of buttons based on what FTC outlined in the video above. I made them to share with you in a hope that you can use them to provide proper disclosure labels for your review posts and badges to put on your blogs come December 1st. Did I say it was free? You betcha! Just right click on each button and grab it! You can re-size them according to your preference. If you like them then I encourage you to please share them and point them this way to grab them

On a final note, I've still got so much to learn as a blogger, my blog needs lots of work but choosing the right path always is the key to blogging success!

If  you liked the free buttons but want a customized version, let me know and I'll whip up one (or two) for you. I promise it won't cost you a leg and an arm! Or you can try and whip up some yourself via Gimp where I created the buttons above.

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  1. A lot of the book bloggers i read are up in arms about the new FTC ruling. Heck, even i'm rethinking doing book reviews.


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