September 4, 2009

It's Official. My baby is a Kindergartener!

So last week was Little Sasserfrass' first day of school which is the staggered class week. Everything went well, thank goodness. No horror stories to tell and 100% Drama free. It was actually a very wonderful experience. We did it as a family. And to those who think I'm a hypocrite for not crying on the first day, I do not believe you either!

"If you think crying and bawling your eyes out infront of your kid while you walk them to their room all the way to the hallway & out the door to your car and giving your kids anxiety attack in the process is cool, then please, bring your case somewhere and leave me alone in peace! - I've seen one mom do just that on the very first day and it was not a very happy sight!"

I know it's normal to be emotional but that doesn't give anyone the right to be prejudgmental of others when they don't exhibit the same symptoms. Just because you're a crybaby that doesn't have to make me one. Why can't you just be happy for me? It doesn't kill if you do, trust me.

Now my little Sasserfrass loves school and it showed. The moment she entered her room, she was lost in that new adventure. Enough to not feel scared nor fear that she's on her own and her parents will leave her in the care of her teacher. It was a great transition! She was definitely ready for school and I was overjoyed.

Overjoyed that I did not have to deal with the horrors of separation anxieties and stress of getting her adjusted to being in school that first day. All those weeks of brainwashing & getting her into a mindset worked! It's been a week and she's doing great! She even made it to the Purple board. The board where outstanding students are recognized. Definitely made us so proud of her. My daughter is awesome! And yes, every mother has the right to say that about their kids no matter what others think.

But do you know what good deal I get out of her being in school? I'll tell you about it next time. All you need to know now is that it is a challenge. To all the Moms out there, embrace who you are. Don't let anyone put you down just because you are different from the rest. You are unique just by who you are! AMEN.


  1. My daughter started kindergarten 2 weeks ago and LOVES it. She was making friends the first few minutes we walked into the playground.

    I am glad your daughter is enjoying it too!

  2. First day at kindergarten is always so hard! Wait until they are 18 and about to graduate high school. I feel so old!

  3. I am happy school is off to a good start, cute picture.

  4. Yay for you! Yay school! I'm with ya- shcool is my friend and theylove it there! Everybody's happy! SO wiht hte time on your hands what will you do? How about scrapbook???:)

  5. Hi Mommy! thanks for the visit :D happy first day to your little one!

  6. Congrats on launching your baby to kinder! I too sent out my 5yr old to school. I was nervous at first for him but he seems to take it well. They are so adaptable at their age!!


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