August 31, 2009

Rivyoohoo Giveaway

I want to preempt all my regular blog post to give way to these wonderful giveaways that I don't want you to miss! Rivyoohoo is where I do my reviews, so hop on over then stay tuned. Zen Ventures will resume its' regular quirky postings in a couple o' days!

My Snot Boogie Woogied! Seriously it did! You wanna know how? Well, go HERE and find out. A surprise giveaway awaits you there too!

I grew up with Coconut Oil and it's tastier than Olive oil. Want a big jar to try out? Well then, go HERE. You might just be the LUCKY ONE!


  1. I've never heard of Boogie Wipes, girlfriend!


  2. OMG the coconut oil looks good! I want to try it.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving some bloggy love for me! <3

    Try this blogger - she has great tutorials! :)

    ~ AquarianJwl

  3. i just want to say something... YEEEY! PINAY! so glad that i came across your blog! ^_^ great posts! will definitely come back! <3

  4. thanks for stopping by a few days ago! If you wanna find out the true story behind our door.. come knock on our blog!

    Happy Thursday!


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