August 6, 2009

Storm Rules My World

Rule is right. It seems like my world is plagued with storm lately. From Florida all the way to North Carolina. They rock my world and when I mean rock, it really does rock just like last night. A Nasty storm ripped through Charlotte early last night and devastated the area leaving us without electricity until close to midnight.

Waiting out the storm in a candle lit room - nothing romantic about it!

Here are some pictures of devastation in my street taken today. Not a pretty sight. Good thing about it is that no major damages occurred here, though some areas were not as fortunate.

Barely missed this car

This tree looked like the green giant pushed it down

And lots of trees with broken branches like this all over the neighborhood.

The only major damage this storm did to me is that it fried our satellite receiver when the satellite dish got hit by a lightning. Dang it! There goes my TV privileges. I did say cut out some expenses to make ends meet but NOT the satellite TV! Sorry dear daughter. No more TV for you too. We can always count birds and buzzing bees, no?

Ah, Please excuse me but I need to offer some dead satellite receiver and dish as sacrifices to the Direct TV gods, maybe then they'll bless me with new equipments! Wish me luck.


  1. Glad everyone is okay! I went through 3 hurricanes in Florida one year and was lucky enough that the worse was a tree went through the back window of our car.

  2. Imagine how storms destruct everything! I agree that sitting in a candle lit room is not romantic. It makes me drowsy, hahaa! But your place is lucky compared to other places with major damages.

    Kumusta, amiga Maricris?

  3. Glad to hear you were all safe. We had a tornado in Brooklyn about a year ago and it was quite a shock! Great blog!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. The first pictures (in my Outdoor Wednesday post) were taken in the morning, around 9:00, some were taken early afternoon, and the later pictures were taken in the late afternoon - early evening hours.


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