March 2, 2009

Jewelry is a Woman's Bestfriend

And this Zensational Mama believe so! She even think that it comes first before make-up or clothing. "Bling is the thing! Sez moi!" {speaking on a personal level} - Anyone here disagrees with this jewelry-smitten designer's conclusion? Probably yes but not surprising. Each woman is different but NO WOMAN don't ever owe no jewelry in any given point in time in her life! Agree? Surely.

So this Zen Mama loves jewelry. Passionate about it too which is apparent in her designs. She has been smitten with the creative streak of late, driven by the power to sell them in an upcoming Craft show and positively here : to those who'll get smitten by the mystic touch of the attractive and unique personality ingrained in each piece.

Also, on the uptake of finally launching the new line of design KNOTS FOR YOU and ROCKZ Collections. Knots for you encompasses trendy designs using the hand-knotting technique. Rockz embodies the collection of gemstones: precious and semi-precious into unique pieces of jewelry.

And here are some of the unique pieces that is a part of the Spring Collections which will soon be owned by a lucky neck, ears or wrist! Which for all I know, could be yours!

Natural Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet with matching Earrings
and Amethyst Earrings

Green Semi Precious Peridot Hand knotted Necklace
and Peridot/Hematite Earrings

Zebra Jasper Gemstone Pendant with Amber Necklace
and Jet Black Quartz hand knotted Necklace

For MORE of these unique pieces, visit Golden Flower Creations.

Now, after getting out of her box, this talented designer have realized that anywhere you go where there are women, Jewelry will in no doubt attract the flock!

So here's Food for your Thoughts to those in the Jewelry business like her : Craft shows are NOT the only venue to sell your unique creations anymore. Keep this in mind : where there are women, THERE should be jewelries in sight! Fill the need! Afterall, women and Jewelry ALWAYS go together! Perfect match!


  1. This Zen Mama sure does like speaking in the third person! LOL Your new pieces are gorgeous! :)

  2. beautiful pieces. i like the tulip earrings and the ameythst ones the best..

  3. Lol... sad, but true. Just kidding. I think we do all have at least one piece that we love or one piece out there somewhere that we've admired, so you are right on in your observations.

    Those are some beautiful new pieces you have there. Hummmmm, eyes are wondering, lol.

  4. I really like the Peridot necklace with the leaf dangle. That is beautiful!

    And I have another good decode for you too on Wednesday! ;)

  5. gosh all of them are so beautiful!

    m :)

  6. Oh yum! You have made so many cool new pieces! I love knotted stuff! And those are the coolest pendants! I know you are gonna do well at your craft fair...but most important..have fun!!!


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