March 4, 2009

DW- All white and Beautiful

What is DeCode Wednesday? If you want to play along, just post a photo that has a "hidden meaning" to it or something that the naked eye don't see unless pointed out - the beauty of decoding! {Promise, it has nothing to do with your PIN numbers}

It's Wednesday! And of course, another Edition of DeCode Wednesday is here! I'm sure you are so enamored with this picture because of the cuteness of my Bunny Slippers!

Aw, c'mon they're cute!
So, what's with my bunny s
lippers anyway?
Anyone's got it, you got it, she got it.
Nothing extra-special about it, or is there?

You're right nothing special about it except being CUTE.
But this has nothing to do with my bunny slippers.

It's the SNOW I'm standing on!

After endless wishing, my wish was finally granted! SNOW and LOTS-of-it-enough-to-make-a-snowman SNOW! And what's neat about it is that we got it in March! Charlotte don't get snow in March. The last snow presence usually stops by February. It's Wednesday, the 3rd day and the snow is still on the grounds. So cool and I'm lovin' it! I was so happy, the next morning after the night it came, I ran out on the snow-covered ground forgetting that I was still wearing my bunny slippers!

Share the fun with me. Here are some cool pictures

AND THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU who continue to visit me,
comments on my post and read what I have to say!

I DO and ALWAYS appreciate your presence here.


  1. How cute...that picture of the snow heart...and YES those slippers are adorable.

  2. That is so cool. Or should I say cold! I did not even notice the snow. The shoes are a great foil.

  3. I <3 U too!! That's alot of snow! Super cute bunny slippers. Thanks for the smile, Maricris.

  4. Congratulations on all the snow! It looks like you made the most out of it. And I love those slippers!

  5. Awwww! Here in NY we get about 5 months of snow....I'm ready for it to be over!

  6. Hello Maricris, thanks for visiting my blog! My main blog is my tablescaping one and my family blog is the one just commented on so either one, I'd love to see you on!

    Magandang hapon!

  7. Magandang hapon, Maricris. Yo'ng tablescaping blog ko, nandoon ako palagi pero yo'ng para sa fam ko, everyday rin ang post ko kaya do'n sa dalawa, makikita kita palagi and do'n mo ako makilalang mabuti!

    O sige, hanggang sa ulit na post, huh? I love your blog!

  8. Cute pics! And i was so excited about the snow too. Yay snow! Now i want summer...hehe.

  9. I think it's so cute that snow is a novelty to you. Here in Minnesota, we are SOOO tired of it. People will walk around barefoot because they can't remember what that feels like :)

    Love the photos.

  10. The slippers are cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    My husband said the plant is a baja fairy duster, I looked it up and the botanical name is Calliandra.

  11. The bunny slippers is so cute I like it.

  12. It looks like you really did enjoy the snow! Personally, I prefer the hot African weather anyday to snow! It looks lovely but the cold coming with the snow is not so nice!

  13. Sweet...Our weather man just teases us down here and PROMISES snow but we haven't had more than five minutes of little flurries all season. I want a snow day.

  14. I am actually missing the snow a bit...but not the cold climate.

    Here in Singapore is raining so much lately.

  15. precious slippers!! so cute with the snow pic! :) cheers and have a happy day!

  16. those are great pictures, I love the bunny slippers our snow finally melted!

  17. Hay, Maricris. I'm so envious of your snow. Summer has begun here in Manila and MAN, it's so sticky hot! Anyway, thanks for the message in the snow. We *heart* you too!:)

  18. Cool! I wish my kiddo could see snow! Everyone is getting one last blast of winter it seems. Even us in Hawaii! We are having record lows! They say it hasn't been this cold here in 45 years! I never paid attn as to whether we have snow up on Haleakala or not. We should with all this rain and cold!

  19. Wow, Maricris, great DW! The last time it snowed here in Carrollton was last March, so we're hoping it happens again, but you never know...

    Cute slippers!


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