February 25, 2009

DW- Stick to your guns!

What is DeCode Wednesday? If you want to play along, just post a photo that has a "hidden meaning" to it or something that the naked eye don't see unless pointed out - the beauty of decoding! {Promise, it has nothing to do with your PIN numbers}

Welcome to another Edition of Decode Wednesday! This time this Zensational Mama is a-stickin' to 'er guns! yup, stickin' to 'em guns! Which is your clue to the 8th DW edition today.

So, I went to a Show to sell my wares.
I even brought my new Spring Collections with me.

Ain't my creations grand and girly?
And nothing mighty wrong in this picture, right?

Well, yes, NOTHING except that it's NOT in a craft show!

{Click on the image to enlarge}

It's in a GUN SHOW!

What in the world is a jewelry table doing in a GUN show?

I went to this show with the invitation of a friend who also makes jewelries. She had registered for this table and she was generous enough to share it with me. Yes, we were the odd one in this area but you'll be surprise how useful having a jewelry table in this show was . While the men shop for guns, their wives shops for jewelry! See?

You wouldn't have guessed! Didn't you?

If you enjoyed this, come join me next week and show us your hidden ingenuity! Then you can do me a favor by spreading the word about this fun game!

I really enjoy doing this game and will continue to do so for as long as I have interesting pictures to decode. If you do too, please let me know.


Check out Julia of Simple Life's Edition.
It is crazy funny!


  1. That is too funny! I didn't even notice!! LOL "Hey sweetie check out this awsome semi automatic i just bought! Oh and i picked up this lovely necklace at the next table for you!" hehe

    Great photo!

  2. what a great marketing idea THAT is!!! my partner and i are looking for ways to expand our business too... thats the outside the box kind of thnking we need to try!!!!

  3. You're a smart cookie and I hope it resulted in lots of sales!

  4. Haha! Thats funny... and a good idea! :)
    I am having a small giveaway on my blog, go take a look to see if you want to enter!

  5. well your right about putting up a table here! I would NEVER have thought about it..I would have been one who says--awww thats for men!

  6. I was seeing the helmets behind your counter and was getting suspicious. But without the enlargement I could never tell. I think you're genius for going to the gun show. It makes total sense! Really. :)

  7. That is great, I hope you had a good response. Beautiful jewelry, thank you for sharing.

  8. Neat post! I wouldn't have known where you were!

  9. Oh, I found your Filipino posts on the sidebar, so I commented on those, too! Thanks for a chance to write in Tagalog. I miss it!

    O, sige, bisita ka na lang rin sa blog ko ha?

  10. I couldn't even see them until you pointed it out! But I like the marketing strategy.

  11. That is too funny! I wouldn't have known anything was amiss, but when I clicked on the picture, I could see that there lots of manly looking stuff in camouflage in the background. What a kick! I would love to be the only jewelry table at a gun show.

  12. That's so funny! It just goes to show tha "different is good"!

  13. That is fab you are right ate Maricris. While the men shop for guns, their wives shops for jewelry. I love to read your post ate Maricris good luck and God bless.

    Got tag for you to grab here:http://emotemylife.blogspot.com/2009/03/meme.html

  14. Hey, it works right? Hehe. I hope you did well!

  15. Great idea. Thinking outside the box...I like it! Love the new blog design!


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