February 4, 2009

DW - Girls Rules!

I've got some nice ladies jumped on board last week for today's DeCode Wednesday and some who even linked to it. Thank you. You're helping keep this game alive! Let's see if anyone else would like to join in...Let's keep 'em coming...

Here's the 5th Edition!

What's wrong with this little boy?

Being Shy or needs to go wee wee?

Girls overload!!!

Poor kid. I don't blame him.
He was the only boy in this crowd and the girls are...
of course, being girls!

Hope you enjoyed this one!

Mr. Linky will not be here today but maybe next Wednesday...or until there's enough players to make sense putting him up. Cross fingers and toes. If you're playing today, please let me know so I can come visit yours too! To RSVP for next week, just leave a comment. Thank you!!!


For more Decode Wednesday or to learn more about it,
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Watch out for my featured guest this week : Feng Shui Expert. One lucky winner will get a free Feng Shui personal reading for the year of the OX. You will not want to miss this! Stay tuned...

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  1. oooh id love a feng shui reading!!! pick me pick me!!! cute set of pics!!! happy hump day - dont forget my superawesome giveaway!!! only nine posts left!!!!

  2. I don't blame him a bit!

  3. Cute picture, poor little boy having to swim with all those girls. I posted my Decode picture, thank you for organizing this. Happy Wednesday.

  4. Now that is too funny! Some day he'll dream of being surrounded by girls in bathing suits. LOL! Did you get my email with my address? I sent it a couple days ago. THanks again by the way!

  5. dropped here. child at early age nowadays are conscious not like before , going to puberty age na but still they are like innocent

  6. I wanted to be sure to stop by and THANK YOU for my package! I received it yesterday afternoon and love it! I'll post about it this weekend. Thank you again. So sweet of you to do that!
    Nichole AKA Frizzy


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