October 27, 2008

Creative Swap - International

So I finally gave in to this guilty pleasure...ummm...this should be satisfying...ahh! Ok dirty minds, nuthin' dirty here but if you have a creative streak that probably will do!

I have put this off far too long and my creative hunger beckons to explore. What makes it so exciting is that it's International- yeah baby! Ok I'm not Austin Powers with hairy chest (eww) but heck, yeah baby! And it's based in Japan - one of my dream countries to visit- talk about double treat!

The rule is simple as a simple-minded buzzing bee: ONLY 4 items required

1) something you made

2) craft supplies you think your partner will enjoy

3) your favorite snack

4) a note or card just to say Hi!

And here are my creative details for my Swap Partner :

1) What creative things are you into? I'm into handmade Jewelries, Holiday crafts and decor + sewing ( creative details will be announced soon). You can check my creations @ Golden Flower Creations.

2) How would you describe your personal style? I incorporate the classic, elegant look, Ethnic and Vintage designs and definitely the Asian Flair and the Island touch to all my creations! I try to put an attitude to all of them, making it my original creation. But sometimes, they're just all about being trendy and girly!

3) What are your favorite colours? I love Earthen colors! hues of brown, black, green, golden or tan and all pastels.

4) What is one craft you would like to learn? Knitting, Japanese seed beads beading, clay art, metal stamping and all-time grandma favorite : quilting!

5) What other hobbies are you into? stamp and coin collecting, sunflower arts & novelty items, and of course blogging.

6) What items do you really wish you had right now? A kimono! Japanese novelty items and collectibles (hint hint) and 3-holed beads!

If you want to be part of this exciting fun ( I demand that you do!) - Bug Caryn ! (sari-saring kulay) ☺ Thanks girl for inviting me to take part in this creative fun! ✿

hmmm...tricky part is shipping international ? Any thoughts ???


  1. Wow. This sounds pretty cool. I don't have any suggestions on shipping internationally... I can barely ship domestically, lol. I hope you find a fabulous partner though and receive some major goodies in your mailbox =)

  2. Hey !! How have you been??? Hope all is well with you!!!!!!!!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Norman. He looks like a really sweetie. I just sent a package to Canada and I'm sending another to Turkey. I never thought I'd be on an international high...it's like adrenaline! haha

  4. Priority Mail International is a breeze. Check it out - http://www.usps.com/prices/priority-mail-international-prices.htm.

    I have shipped to Japan, Australia, Belguim, Italy, Brazil...and others! the only trouble I ever had was with Canada, but I used First Class, no tracking or anything. Basically, my mistake, lol!

  5. I am sorry to hear about Norman. He really does look like a sweet cat. With international shipping be sure to get it insured and confirm receipt. I have lost many items in the mail going overseas.

  6. nice to know more of you c: I love sunflowers I have a collection of things and even made a ring bead of sunflowers c:

    ako din mahilig sa mga gawang kmay pati matuto ng mga sinasabi mo c:

    your new creations are lovely hay! I just wish kaya ko bilhin to think also na ishiship pa yan dito hehehe c: God bless the work of your hands c:

  7. I've always wanted to be creative, I mean, differently creative. But I'm not, I can't even draw a tree, hehee! I want to learn cross-stitching though.

  8. Maricris, m sitting in a cafe, and contemplating the arival of the "ber" months, how in a scant few weeks, Americans will stuff themselves on turkey, and the next day all America will become saturated in Christmas music.

    I ought to make a wreath sometimes. I love Zen inspired wreath making. Peace.

  9. Hi Maricris, how's the Halloween Party in there? Hehee, just wanna stare again my HT.

  10. Just stopping in to say hello...hope all is going okay for you..sorry about your cat...I lost mine back in March...but hope your Halloween was great! :)

  11. I'm a little late but I would like to send my condolences re. your cat. I dread the day any of my dogs pass away. They are my first children forever and always. My heart is with you.

  12. Maricris,kumusta? M sitting in school, looking at blogosphere, and preparing myself to go to work tomorrow. I think should do somethinmg crafty to make me more fun.

    Sigh, some twenty year old, trying to make conversation with me asked , "What do you you do for fun?"

    I looked at him like he is a Martian. I had no answer...

  13. I am also participating in the Creative Swap hosted by Caryn. I hope we meet again soon!


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