October 24, 2008

Awards Galore

I'm no Diva (though I have the attitude sometimes and self-proclaimed as one ☺ ) , not a celebrity , not an A-list blogger (yet), but when you have kind and generous people giving you great awards and recognitions, you just can't help feel like a super Divalicious Diva and super-special! ♥♥♥

And that's exactly how I feel right now - even though I've been such a slacker-blogger! I said slacker because I have not been consistent (coupled with internet outage at home for 2 weeks!) with my blogging lately and these awards has been waiting for me for ages! Today I was able to snag all of them - I think!- If I missed any, my apologies - and note that, these postings were actually scheduled! I was able to do this while "stealing" internet connectivity from an unknown neighbor's Wi-Fi broadcast one particular night!- just like Robinhood eh?!

To cut the suspense, here (finally) are the Awards bestowed upon these humble blogger :

I recently got all these from Renee' of Cutie Booty Cakes for being the first commenter on her blog! Awesomeness! - Thank you!

This is my 2nd Kick Ass Blogger award and this was awarded to me by Iceah of Wow Legs- Salamat!!!

Cathy of Me and My world and Jenn of Peacock's Nesting Place awarded this to me - You rock too!

Jamey of Walking by Faith awarded this to me - Muchos Gracias mi Amiga!

These awards makes me special and inspires me to keep on blogging even though I haven't been really good(struggling) at keeping up lately. I cherish your kindness! In retrospect, It is good to note though that my creative life is doing well. Part of its' success is because of you! yes YOU reading this now. Thank you for believing in me in spite of my shortcomings. I am giving everyone the "YOU ROCK!" award to everyone who follows my blog and to those who come here just to read or visit. I really appreciate your presence here. YOU COMPLETE ME!


  1. Holy cow! You just reminded me that I need to post mine too. Oh goodness, it's hard to keep up.

    Have a great weekend Girl!

  2. I just gave you an award, too! You don't have to post it or anything, I just wanted you to know that you ROCK.

  3. Wow you are the award queen! Great job and you are welcome, cuz u deserve them! go girl!

  4. Wow....wow.....wow...look at all of these! You deserve them. I hope all is well with you. I wanted to share something with you. I will email you in a bit.

  5. Wow..you are an award queen....congratulations on all of your awards...you deserve them all!!! :)

  6. You totally deserve the awards. And no worries about your blogging do it when you have a chance. We will still be here.

  7. Wow..thats an amazing amount of awards. You certainly deserve it..the energy you put into your writing in your blog is felt as we read...I'm always guaranteed to feel uplifted and enjoy a giggle or two when I stop by your blog!

    On another note..I am very sad to hear about Norman...I am super close to my own kitties and often think of what it will be like when they start getting old and sick. It's not too long around the corner..and I know I need to stop thinking about it! Enjoy them while we can! So enjoy Normans little sister..she probably needs extra luv and cuddles right now!

  8. You totally deserve all the awards - congrats girl!!

  9. I am laughing at you!(our secret) This is so great to come over here and see all of these awards. I have been in a "slow" blogging time. Life has taken off again at full speed. I am scrolling down trying to get caught up.


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