August 12, 2008

To Hell on Monday

When I was growing up, I found this tiny book titled "To hell on Monday" in my parents' mini-library. Always the curious kid, I flipped through the pages and read a few, but my brain being young at that time, had not the ability to comprehend or even pathom what the title implies. Yet for some odd reason, the title stuck with me all through these years. Was it a revelation or just a plain reminder of how awful mondays are ? I tried to find the book online to reconnect to this apparent mysterious imprint etched on the regresses of my memory, unfortunately it is unfound. Do you ever have such a phenomena like this?

Nonetheless, don't you just hate Mondays ? I do. For any working individuals like me, Monday is such a dreadful day! It's the precursor to another gruelling week of work. A hateful reminder that you have to shed your jammies in place of office suits and get your lazy butt in high gear to keep up with your corporate persona. Monday is like reality TV, only a lot less glamorous and definitely hated by most.

But not so, if you're in the Middle East. Saturday, is their first day of the week and just recently, in Kuwait, the Amir proclaimed that Sunday should be Kuwait's 1st day of the week. Now that's something!

On a happier note:
My monday today is filled with glad tidings! Weith has given me this award:
According to him: Maricris at Zen Ventures gets it for having what I think is an interesting, quirky writing style. Did you know she pumped gas for the first time recently?

Yes, no denying, I am weird, quirky - watchamacallit -writer, which sets me apart from the norm (what is normal anyway?)- which at any proportion definitely makes me a Kick-ass blogger! :) and oh by the way, I can also kick-ass in person. I have a background in Shaolin kung-fu and Tai-chi. Yaaaa!!!!

Thanks Weith! It is such an honor and that's very true in it's truest sense. Recognition is the highest form of flattery that you can bestow to another human or (with my current status) alien. And especially when it's the 1st.

I shall savor this moment for now...before the award moves on to another deserving blogger...

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So how's your monday ? Do you ever feel like you're entering the pits of hell when Monday rolls around ? Even moreso, a gruelling aversion by just the mere thought of it ? Monday or not, what is your most hated day and best loved day and why ?

Any Thoughts ?


  1. Actually..I really like mondays! I know I"m wierd. But I work at weekends just mean work plus taking care of family stuff. I love spending time with my family very much..but Monday is the day everyone goes back to thier own thing and I get left to do what I want when I want. It's still work..but no one else to answer to besides me :) The rest of the week it seems I have errands and appointments and weekly company that comes Monday is just kindof a chill day for me :)

    Congrats on your award! He was do have a quirky way of writing..your fun personality really shows through! And you can kick ass too with your kung fu and thai chi! Awesome!

    So you said I'm supposed to 'pick up' my own award from you? Am I too late? I never got a notice in my email that you commented on my blog..wierd.

  2. Yeah, Mondays are always rough for me. I'm curious about that book though. I like the title.

  3. So true. I dreaded Mondays when I had to wake up early, go out and work. It's a pain in the...head, hehee.

    Saturdays must be tough for the working people in the Middle East. And Sundays in Kuwait is just beginning to be a dread day.

    Everyone you meet must be very careful. Tai-chi? Sounds like the chinese morning exercise.

  4. Shaolin training definitely prepares one to have aa "kick-ass" blog. I enjoy your site

  5. Most assuredly I should blush. Kabayan? No.... I kick ass as a visionary kano who has loved his visits to your gorgeous country.

    I bid you greetings... Magandang umaga: maayong buntag: selamat pagi...

    That should cover us from Luzon to the Indonesian archipelago.


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