August 9, 2008

SIESTA SATURDAY - Tags and all about Me ME Me

MABUHAY ! In the Philippine Islands, Siesta is a big part of each day. A time to take a break, nap or just unwind. It's but a lazy moment. For this, I am launching saturdays as my siesta days! Relevant post not required. All things mundane welcomed. Post of a photo, a quote, a question or even a poem will do. My rule is: Be Lazy.

Would you like to join me? Feel free to grab the badge located in my side bar for your own use if need be.

So off to a lazy day...maybe not! unfortunately, I need to postpone my little celebration until next saturday. For today, I need to send two tags/meme flying. But not across the room. Don't get me wrong, personally, I like the purpose of the game. It does improve your ranking by creating more links for your site but I am just so unreliable with fulfilling tags or even returning them. Not to say, some bloggy friends don't appreciate being tagged either. So, with my current reputation on tagging/memes- think 2x before you tag me. It may just end up in neverland and never to be seen again :). Maybe someday, I'll have a different perspective but right now - don't say, I didn't warn you...

If I wasn't tagged 2x in a row with the same Meme, and if I didn't like my taggers, I wouldn't be (coerced) tagging you today. And because I like you too,yeah, I'll even let you strangle me later...but in the're it.

From Beth and Renee'


Diane Tammy Marlene Ana Meeya Laura

Here are the rules when you get tagged:
1. Link back to the person who tagged you

2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.
6. Add the names of the bloggers' you're tagging above - ( Maricris added this to create a continous link for everyone) (END HERE)

6 Silly quirky things about Maricris:

1- I'm Asian. That counts, doesn't it?
2- I'm a techno geek! my laptop and my Nokia N95 rules anywhere there is free WI-FI.

3- I don't like cats but we have one at home - **sneeze!** ahm ahllehrgic** stuffy nose now**

4- I loathe people who talk on their cellphones while driving! check my bumper sticker

5- I don't like sweet pickles! yuk!
6- but I'm a sucker for spicy foods. The spicier it is, the yummier. Ok getting hungry now! gotta go grab some lunch.

OK I'm passing the buck - (I'm not promising but...) may it be the last...and since this is not my official siesta day anyway, I'll post a blog with a serious note to it. I promise it won't make you cry--maybe just a bit. So hop on over to my blog post for today: 15 minutes...

Any Thoughts ?


  1. Your blog is very colorful and interesting! I love it..where are you in NC? I am in Concord. Thanks for stopping by and saying hey!

  2. Hey...I know it it is so hard to work with tags. I have 6 waiting on me. I am trying to come up with a creative way to do this. You did a good job with yours. TOOOOOOO bad...I was going to tag you. HA, I will just pretend I did not read that. ahhahahah

  3. I left a Major Award for you over at my site. Check it.

  4. I used to do tags in the weekend, too. I have some pendings right now. This is quite similar to the quirks meme I did before. But never mind, thanks a lot for this. We have the same attitude when it comes to memes, hehee!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Can I retroactively tag you on this meme?;)
    I am also not a fan of sweet pickles, but I LOVE LOVE spicy food.

  6. Me again, I so agree with you on the tagging thing. I have several right now and I don't know how to say no, thank you. I guess I am just going to say it so I will feel better.

    I am linking you in my post about this. NO TAG. I want others to read how you feel about it.

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Me and let me know if it was ok to link you today. I guess I should have asked first. Your blog really helped me out so much. I was kinda feeling like the only one out there feeling this way.

    Take care,


  8. sister! i already did this tag a while back. check it out HERE.

    ligtas na ba ako? hehe! *muah*


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