August 8, 2008

8/08/08 - The Power of 8

Weddings and Olympic Babies! The stars has aligned for luck. Today is 08/08/08 and considered the luckiest day in the world especially in China. With all the attention it's getting, I'd say it is now the most popular number in the numeral group.
Eight is pronounced "ba" in Mandarin, which is close to "fa," the word for prosperity, money and status. Turn the number eight on its side, and it's the symbol for infinity.
Opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games begun at 8:08:08 p.m. on 8/8/08.
Chinese try to get the number eight in addresses, phone numbers, even car license plates. An airline reportedly paid $300,000 five years ago to buy 8888-8888 for its telephone number. With an explosion of cars in the country, bidding sometimes takes place for lucky plates.
9,000 weddings will take place in China's capital today. According to the state-run Xinhua News Agency, that number will be more than twice the previous single-day marriage record.The wedding blitz is not confined to China. Many couples in the United States are getting married on that date. has seen a 213 percent increase in registry entries for weddings on August 8, 2008.
For years, many Chinese couples have made plans to get a marriage license on Friday, while others hope to have "Olympic"babies.
ON THE FLIPSIDE: The faith in the number eight was shaken May 12 -- 88 days before the Games were to begin -- when an earthquake killed nearly 70,000. That caused some bloggers to worry about the number being bad luck this year. They also pointed to a massive snowstorm on January 25 (1+2+5=8) and widespread protests against Chinese rule in Tibet that happened on March 14 (3+1+4=8).
But many Chinese still believe 8,the lucky number brings the promise of many gold medals in the country's coming-out party. Chinese also believe 6 is lucky, while 7 is bad-- and 4 is really bad.
An Email received from Grandmaster Frank De Maria today:
Today is 08/08/08 a good luck day.... It is Father day in China. The number 8 is said "Pa" so Pa Pa Day... Also this is Ghost month, when the ghost come out, and Yesterday was break Day, you have to break something to get good luck..
Just for fun....... Enjoy..
*Additional resource: Beijing, China (CNN)

Any Thoughts?
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  1. I will be watching the opening ceremony this evening. That is about all that is special on this day for me.

  2. Wow! I hope I get lucky today...(I had to say that...never happen) That is really some interesting facts. 08/08/08. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Personally I'm not superstitious but I did find your article interesting.

  4. I find everything about China fascinating...I always have...I loved learning about the number 8, I had no idea... I'm watching the opening ceremonies right now and am amazed....

  5. really know your facts on the number 8. Thanks for the low down. Now I know.

  6. TAG - you're it! I have tagged you for a meme in my post today.

  7. I somehow managed to go most of the day without realizing it was 08-08-08. This post was So interesting!


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