July 1, 2008

Google AdSense Goodbye !

The Truth Revealed ! Here's the real scoop behind this buzzing rumor over at etherland :

Inside AdSense: We're retiring AdSense Referrals

We've got until last week of August to remove the old referral code from our sites. Here is how the new program works :

Is Google Affiliate Network right for me?

We encourage you to consider the Google Affiliate Network if you:

  • Manage a site that attracts a desirable audience.
  • Can test advertising offers and nurture the most productive relationships.
  • Are an expert in driving and converting visitor traffic.
  • Adhere strictly to Google Affiliate Network quality standards and advertiser policies.

In addition, we've found that Google Affiliate Network tends to yield greater benefits to publishers who create niche content, manage loyalty and rewards programs, aggregate coupons and promotions, or manage social media.

How does the application process work?

You must apply if you don't already have an account with Google Affiliate Network. Each application is reviewed by the Google Affiliate Network quality team. If approved, you can apply to advertiser programs. Advertisers may accept or decline partnerships at their discretion.

I'm already a Google AdSense publisher. Am I now a publisher in Google Affiliate Network?

No, you must complete a separate application for Google Affiliate Network.

How will I receive payments?

You'll be paid on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis, typically as a revenue share or fixed bounty for a lead or other action. You'll receive consolidated payments (electronically, if you choose) twice a month.

How will I receive links for new advertiser promotions?

Advertisers submit updated links via email or FTP every 24 hours. Each link references your publisher account number (pubid) to ensure proper attribution. You can access these links in your account anytime.

If you need more info go here : Google Affiliate network or Help Center .


  1. i have been using adsense for the past 2 years, ang aking kinita? tumataginting na five bucks hehe.

  2. buti nga naka-$5 dollars ka. Ako barya pa lang! hehe.


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