June 30, 2008

In the Eyes of A Child

Almighty for A day

Given the insanity of wars, global strife, political, social and religious conflicts: How would you define or create an ideal world? What will be in it? Who will dwell in it? What will you borrow and what will you eliminate from all the current madness in the contemporary civilization we all breathe in?

I pondered on these words... and I can't help but mutter to myself...How the heck can anyone ever create an Ideal world?! An ideal world was created way before us but we defaced it, devoured it & plundered its’ riches and beauty with our erring ways. How then with our tumultuous nature be able to create an ideal world even in our heads ? I looked at my child’s eyes and there !!! The world she “sees” is the world I want to create. A perfect world devoid:

of IllusionsThe Illusion of great power. Power that consumes so many a leaders’ hearts, they are blind to peace. Their hearts are so driven with greed and lust for dominance, they annihilate anyone in their path to get to their coveted prize: To Rule the entire World! This Illusion will be annihilated the same way this Wicked politicians annihilate their competitors. My world will only reflect honesty, humility and compassion.

of Super-Religions : Religions that was formed by power-hungry men who crave control and whose sole purpose is to reign supreme above all else & creating havoc on the beliefs of other believers to entice them to join their manipulative organizations; Religion based on personal fame & Glory, notwithstanding shame or lack of decency for as long as it attains personal gratification; and Religions who are self-proclaimed gods that aim to destroy rather than to nurture. We worship the same God and yet religion had created factions among us. It has become the church of men and not of God. Look at what they've achieved so far... War and death of so many men! So, scratch religion from my world and replace it with nothing but a single union of faith. No ritual, no sect, no denomination, just faithful believers worshiping the same God in perfect synchrony. Everyone will be equal and no one will be greater over another rather that a melding of kindness and generosity ;

of Poverty – and its ugliness. A world where there’s always good food in our tables when we beckon for it. Food prepared with love and care, readily available from an unending abundance of resources meticulously replenished with the joy of those who labored & toiled the lands by their hands and harvested the fruits they planted for all to share and feast on. A world Where everyone will have what they need, be it clothing or a roof above their heads; all these will be provided. So shall be, enough farmlands for farmers to farm and enough river for fishermen to fish at. Everyone will be well-nurtured and money itself will not play a role in my world. Everything will be free. Everyone will work for the good of each other, not just for himself. Their main responsibility is to care lovingly for each other. Harmony is the only thing they know between themselves, not greed, lust or idiotic arrogance ;

of War and Strife and political distress and Evil– A world which is a safe haven. Secured and guarded and anyone can roam around with no restriction or upheavals from unseen predators lurking in the darkened world of wickedness, whoremongering & distrust. Politicians, Leaders, unworthy rulers, Even Kings and Queens will be a myriad of things in the past, like a dandelion blown away by the wind, never to be seen again. For in my world, I will have none of them, just plain folks who are united as one big family. Evil will not find a place in our midst. For Peace will rule the land. Sin will be as foreign as hate itself, nor the thought for war ever bear presence in our minds or prevail in our hearts . There shall be no fighting, disagreement or selfish motives or parody, only praises and encouragements.

Innocence is the essence of a child of which preserves the purity of their hearts, and in their eyes, the world they see is perfect, unadulterated and full of love, free of stress, Chaos and hate or sickness! The perfect "heaven" on earth inhabited by a society with pure hearts. Everyone will possess a child-like character but mature and compassionate by nature. Their best virtue will be kindness and compassion. My world will be the new garden of Eden! So, if there is anything I will borrow, I will borrow the Garden of Eden as the setting of my earthly realm. Everything will be green and natural. Not a hint of modern touch which only taints and pollute the grand design of the innocence and cleanliness of my ideal world. Pestilence and sickness will not set foot in any existent form or matter, nor any venomous creature of kind. Everything will be as perfect and as pure as the heart of a child. Hence, This is the world I see through the eyes of my child … This is the world I will create (If I can)… A world fit for a child, a world fit for everyone...

Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” – Look in the eyes of a child right now and let me know what you see ….

"This is my entry to the Blog Challenge 05: "Almighty for A day"


  1. Thanks for the submission. However, you need to meet one of the criteria -- the minimum number of words. Please see the rules.

    Hope you edit the content of your post. There is no need to re-submit.

    See yah! :-)

  2. Thank you. I have already made the necessary edits. I hope this finally meets the criteria. If there's anything else, please let me know. Again, my thanks to you!

  3. wow heavy! :)

    pero i do agree with what you wrote. kung pwede nga lang makabuo tayo ng ideal world, why not? but as always, man's hubris is his downfall. buti na lang ang mga kids napaka-innocent, dapat matuto tayo sa kanila. at sana man lang makabuo tayo ng close to perfect world for them.

  4. Sinabi mo. Once a woman becomes a mother,her focus changes to that, she hopes for a better world to where she can rear her child in with a hope that there'd still be enough of mother earth & its nature to enjoy when they're older.

  5. I agree that when you become a mother your focus changes. Good luck in the contest!

  6. Thank you mekhismom! your username is so appropriate if you ask me. When we become parents, we take on a different identity to which we become this "child's mom" or that "child's dad!" (",) funny how life is sometimes!

  7. This entry is now one of the finalists for Blog Challenge 5. Visit the site and vote.

  8. Wow! I must have overlooked this the other day. What a wonderful post. I hope the blog challenge is not over. I will head over there next. Yes, being a mom changes a person. To me, for the better.

  9. Wow you are truly amazing, my apologies I haven't visited your site for quite some time. Wish you all the luck in the contest and hope to visit you sometime soon.... Muah


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