October 8, 2016

Our First Visit in the Historic Lake Erie Canal in Downtown Buffalo New York

Buffalo Erie Basin Marina 

Buffalo is a city in New York that is synonymous to Niagara Falls. None of these two goes unmentioned without the other being associated to the other. We've been to Buffalo quite a few times but this is the first time we've ever explored its downtown area where Canalside - a popular entertainment destination for the city is located.

Lake Erie with Black Rock Canal Entrance Channel 

We managed to find ourselves trekking down the canalside and found ourselves in the majestic presence of Lake Erie. What made it additionally interesting is that, half of the lake and just across on to the other side is Buffalo's unofficial sibling, Canada, enjoying the beauty and allure of the same lake between them.

Sights of Buffalo
The harbor with the lighthouse at the distance

The "Rich people" district

Liberty's twins on top of "twin towers"

Observation tower on the harbor overlooking the skyline of Buffalo

Hello Canada - on the other side! 

Going to Buffalo is almost like experiencing two worlds at the same time. We are stoked to have been able to experience both in their own unique ways. We shall not tire going back to it over and over again...until we meet again... two worlds divided by falls but united by the same.

Attraction nearby: 
Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park featuring USS Little Rock Museum. Get on board the US Navy Ship for some added fun. It's almost a hop away from the harbor.


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