October 6, 2016

A Look Inside Dorothy's Long-Abandoned Emerald City in the Land of Oz Theme Park

North Carolina mountains hides a secret that becomes unhidden in Autumn each year. It's almost as if the trees are lovingly revealing a long-forgotten kingdom at every leaf it drops. Slowly peeling off a blanket of obscurity to open a path for adventurous visitors to find it and take a peek behind the enchanted doors of Oz - and walk, yet again, on those magical, yellow brick road leading to the lost Emerald City.

Our traveler extraordinaire, Ruby, traveled to this enchanted kingdom to give us an inside look. It's about 2 and a half hour away from Charlotte. She was one of the lucky few to snag a ticket to the 3-day only, overly popular-sold-out-so-fast-event this year! If you're jealous... I'm very jealous...

A Look at the World Within

Kingdom Long Gone
Emerald city, in the Land of Oz, used to be bustling and buzzing with life. Unfortunately, it was doomed by circumstances. This once fully-operated theme park in the heart of Beech Mountain is now nothing but a mere "sleeping kingdom", except for those two times each year, where the "city" comes alive and wakes up from its yearly slumber.

Dorothy's House
If you want to extend the magic of Emerald city, or were among the few many unlucky ones who didn't get a ticket this year, you can book a stay in Dorothy's house. Yes, the house can be rented. It can be a little pricey, but here's the fun part - your stay gives you access to visit the land of Oz! Otherwise, try your luck to snag a ticket for next year.

Watch the website like a hawk
To snag one or two of the theme park's utterly sought-out event tickets, do as Ruby do! Set an alert to remind you to stalk the event's website close to the scheduled events, so you can be among the firsts to buy the tickets once they become available for purchase online. They sold out pretty quick! 

Land of Oz is located in Beech Mountain, NC and now opens twice each year. In the Summer, around June, featuring Journey with Dorothy, and in Fall, Autumn at Oz in September. As for the rest of this year, the theme park have been handed back to the mountain's care, doors shut, never to be seen again until next year. Unless of course, you're staying in Dorothy's house...

*Thanks to Ruby for contributing her pictures and making this travel post possible. 


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