June 18, 2016

Contributor Review: Finding Dory Will Swim Straight To Your Heart And You'll Love Her Forever

Editors Note:  Finding Dory finally opened in theaters everywhere. We received a media invite by Disney to preview the movie and our contributor and movie buff Nigel had been assigned to cover it. See what he and his young sidekick have to say about the movie.

Dory's Secret is Finally Out
With high expectations, my daughter Sara and I sat anxiously inside the dimly-lit theater waiting to see what Finding Dory, the latest movie from Disney Pixar, and sequel to the 2003 hit Finding Nemo, had in store for us. Here's the truth without giving out spoilers: The movie did not disappoint at all! From the time it started with the now customary Pixar short right before the main attraction, to the scene after the credits had rolled to the very end, I can safely say that we, as with the audience present, based entirely on our reactions, totally loved it! - And here's why...

Tons of Good Reasons to Love Finding Dory
All of the ingredients for a fun-filled journey were there. From the stellar visuals, that will delight animation aficionados with the details produced by the recently updated RenderMan software used by Pixar, to the snappy dialogue and situations for the variety of lovable returning and new characters, and of course the comedic delivery of Ellen DeGeneres as Dory. All of this combining in a masterfully magical way to make Finding Dory a definite contender for movie hit of the summer.

Finding Dory rolls or rather swims and flips and splashes right along taking your emotions with it. Although, it does require just a tad more suspenseful touch to it than what Finding Nemo did with some of the scenes that have been cooked up.

However, the dialogue, characters, including my favorite "Hank" the Octopus Septopus, and the ups and downs of Dory's adventures in trying to find her parents, will have you engrossed and enjoying the movie as much as the younger members of the audience does.

But don’t just take my word for it, here is what Sara, my 7 year old had to say:
"I loved it, it takes you on a fun adventure and I really think it's a great movie and hope everyone enjoys it, especially the ending which is amazing"

A Glimpse into Dory's Past Revealed
Baby Dory who appears periodically throughout the movie in "memory" scenes had the audience in a collective "awww" at her cuteness, and is sure to be a "most wanted" plush along with Destiny the Whale Shark, Hank the Septopus, Baily the Beluga Whale and even Becky the Loon.

This is a movie you definitely want to see and will no doubt enjoy, and if you are like me, you will be buying on Blu Ray/DVD as well so you can watch again and again to catch the "easter eggs" and more subtle touches that adorn a Pixar film.

Make sure you get there on time to see Piper the new Pixar short and stay till after the credits roll for a scene at the end that ties this whole crazy adventure back to the original one last time.
Finding Dory is 100% cute, funny and thoroughly an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours this Summer with your family!

Nigel Harrison, is a 47 year young  father of two, who used to live from the land down under and now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. He enjoys many things in life, family, bowling, Spartan runs, working out, shooting the breeze, movies, being a business operations engineer and food. He would probably be diagnosed with ADHD if still in school today. He is an aspiring writer, but can't get focused enough to stick to one topic, though he is writing a book encapsulating his 26 years+ of work experience which hopefully will be out before the world ends.


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