June 30, 2016

Contributor Review: Disney's The BFG is Big on Gloriumptious Fun

Editors Note: The BFG officially opens on Friday, July 1st. We received a media invite to preview the movie. Our Contributor Nigel covered the movie. Check out his hilarious take on BFG.

Be prepared to get Gobblefunked
Disney's latest adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic, The BFG, have big, funny surprises in store for you in a very GobbleFunk kind of way!

BFG which stands for Big Friendly Giant, is peppered with dialogues full of Roald Dahl's own language called Gobblefunk throughout this wonderful story that is told with amazing visuals and music woven together by the great Steven Spielberg.

However, the movie does take a slow start. I found myself at about 30 mins in having the dreaded feeling of "how much longer".  Yet shortly thereafter, the BFG becomes a Jumpsquiffling* Gloriumtptious* adventure with Sophie, the BFG and the many characters that make this movie thoroughly enjoyable.

Whilst the BFG movie is a little less scary than the book, in terms of the "unfriendly giants" - which in no doubt will be a welcome treat for the little ones. The movie also stays relatively true to the book. Despite early rumors when the film was still casting that the story would be greatly altered, the movie proved otherwise.

You Snooze, You Lose Whoopsy Wiffling Scenes
One thing worth noting, is that the BFG has its moments where the dialogue and story require close attention. Where if you, or your kids, walk out not knowing what a snozzcumber*  is, or don't start referring to your dreams as Phizzwizards* and nightmares as Trogglehumpers* after watching the movie, I would be utterly surprised. That means, you've missed important scenes!

Other than its need for attention, the movie also have its moments of fun that can induce raucous laughter, especially when the Frobscottle - a drink with bubbles that go down, instead of up, is shared with Human Beans - what the Giants call us Human beings, and some very surprised Corgis. It is a moment that everyone saw coming, and yet the Whizzpopping* "punchline" still had the whole cinema erupting with laughters, snorts and squeals!

Gloriumptious Movie for the Whole Family
My teenage daughter Raquel who watched the movie with me said,"the BFG is big, fun and gentle and an all-round great journey."  I would have to agree. Though it's not a non-stop action, or non-stop laughter or end to end emotional tear-jerker film, it does incorporate all of those elements and strategically injected throughout the movie at appropriate intervals to give you an "all round great journey", one that the whole family no doubt will enjoy!

Un-Gobblefunk yourself:
  • Jumpsquiffling: Something absolutely colossal
  • Gloriumptious: Glorious and wonderful
  • Snozzcumber: A foul smelling vegetable, found only in Giant Country
  • Whizzpopping: Methane released from the bottom
  • Whoopsy Wiffling: Great

Nigel Harrison, is a 46 year young  father of two, who used to live from the land down under and now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. He enjoys many things in life, family, bowling, Spartan runs, working out, shooting the breeze, movies, being a business operations engineer and food. He would probably be diagnosed with ADHD if still in school today. He is an aspiring writer, but can't get focused enough to stick to one topic, though he is writing a book encapsulating his 26 years+ of work experience which hopefully will be out before the world ends.

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