May 31, 2016

The Most Versatile Swimwear For the Mommy With Some Tummy

Summer is almost here. Let's be honest. Who among you get a little stressed out about the mere thought of wearing a swimsuit? I'm sure a majority of you do. Me? - It scares me!  

Let's be real. When pregnancy occurs, it does a number on our once pristine bodies and reshapes it into a work of art that uncannily resembles our favorite bakery items! Most famous of them all? The Muffin top! If you don't have them, lucky you! But for most of us, not so much.  And worst part of it? "Traditional" swimsuits out there, they're no help at all. Que horror!

Let's be brutally honest. These regular swimsuits, they do nothing but highlight our mommy-tummy. Others, they make us look like burritos! You've seen moms who fall victim to these curse! You cringe and you die a little inside because you're also a mom and you totally can relate. I figured there must be some way around these nightmare. Well, finally, there is (especially for me anyway). Check my curated board - Ultimate Beach Mom Beach Babe Swimwear Must-have! 

Ultimate Beach Mom Beach Babe Swimwear
I'm soooo beyond thrilled finding these swimsuits! Finally, swimwear fit for the real mommy body! I immediately fell in love with Land's End Beach Living Blouson Tankini Top collection. By the looks of it, there is freedom of movement, freedom to exhale, and the fit is relaxed enough to conceal your muffin top in a very fashionably kind of way. Of course, I have to buy it - and I did. It's on its way. I'll keep you posted.

And the good news? They come in different design and color and sizes including plus sizes. There is a size for every mommy of different shape and size out there! Woot woot!!!

Tiered Tankini:  Aqua Green from Target and Royal Indigo from Land's End

One of the other Swimwear that you can add to your ensemble is the Beach Club Tiered Tankini Top. It cost a little bit more at LE at $69 so, I'm getting the Target version for $29.99, which I got to try. I love the fit of the Target tiered Tankini and is definitely a good concealer! Bar none.
LE also have the tummy control top and shorts but, I have my reservations on the effectiveness of such concept. Wearing a corset is probably a better option if you want total control of your tummy! Just my two cents.

Fun in Blue - Inspired by the color of the Ocean

More Than a Swimwear
The great thing about these swimwear is that they're design to look like regular women blouses. You can literally walk out off the water and into the party floor, or walk straight down the boardwalk and shop! No need to change or cover yourself up especially if you partner them with swim shorts! (If you're into that - which I am) Then you've totally upped the ante of versatility to your outfits!

Ease of movement and relaxed fit gives you more freedom to enjoy your time under the sun! Can't beat that. Not at all. Best of all, awkward, self-conscious moments -  be gone!

What's your favorite go-to swimwear outfit? 

Disclaimer: This is not a product endorsement or promotion. We are not affiliated with Land's End or Target. This is a consumer guide and fashion recommendation. All opinion is solely ours unless otherwise stated. 


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