May 14, 2016

Disney World's New Disney Springs: An Exclusive look Behind the Wall

Disney Springs Welcome Pedestrian Causeway / Photo : Disney

Downtown Disney No more...
If you frequent Disneyworld or is from Orlando, you probably noticed or heard that Downtown Disney is no longer referred to as such. Rather, it is now aptly called, "Disney Springs". And it's not just the name that changed. Instead, there is a whole redesign and re-imagined shopping overhaul to the town center that will make you feel like you're walking through Florida's historical timeline while enjoying a top of the line shopping experience.

The World Behind The Wall
I was one of the privileged few - thanks to DisneySMMC (Disney Social Media Moms Conference) - to not only step inside the enclosure hiding the new Town Center and final expansion of the new Disney Springs shopping hub but also got a private tour to walk around the site and had a sneak peek on what's in store for the shoppers once it opens. All I'll say is that Shopaholics will surely have the time of their lives once this finally opens to the public!

Artist rendering of the Town Center / Photo: Disney

Timeline of the Past to Present
In true Disney fashion, Disney Springs was carefully designed to reflect the history of Florida in the 1920's, subsequently incorporating Mediterranean style structures most notable during those eras. It's like a walk in the past transitioning to the new generation as you reach The Landing.

A new entrance and a new Visitors Welcome Center is also built and slated to open alongside the official opening of the Town Center.  Besides the shop, office spaces are also part of the offering. They are designated on the upper level of selected shops around the immediate proximity to the entrance. Where a handpainted fountain in blue tint is centrally located just below escalators and stairs from the main entrance gate.

When final expansion is complete, there will be 4 distinct neighborhoods to explore: The Landing, Marketplace, West Side and Town Center.

Artist Rendering of Town Center / Photo: Disney

Shop till you drop
Town Center will house high-profile tenants, including Anthropologie, LACOSTE, Under Armour, kate spade new york, Sephora and Lucky Brand, among others.

Check the rest of the list of stores here : Town Center Store directory

According to Briana, my Insider source aka moi Tour guide extraordinaire, Town Center is slated to open on May 15. They have a lot of work to do from here until then as far as I could see. Some of the shops are not totally outfitted for occupancy yet. But then again, knowing Disney, they make magic happen!

Would be interesting to see the whole area once everything officially opened. It certainly will be a good option for entertainment for you and the family if the parks doesn't seem that appealing to you at a given moment.

Town Center is built where the parking lot used to be. A new parking deck was built to replace the vanished parking space and to accommodate the parking amenity that shoppers will need.

The Curious Disney Moms
"Curiosity kills the cat" they say, but our curiosity paid off! Unfortunately, the interior is so hush-hush and confidential that I can't post photos. But you can always check the Artist rendering photos I posted above. Not as good as the actual but it will give you an idea somehow. Good practice for your brain and great stimuli for your imagination!

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All smiles after the tour / Photo: @AksMamaMoe

Disclaimer: Disneyworld or Disney Social Media Moms Conference, where I'm an attendee, did not ask me to endorse or promote Disney Springs. But, it's useful info that will benefit my travel/shopper readers. The tour is part of the conference session extra offering that I signed up for. Additional materials are provided by Disney Parks Press Kit.  


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