May 16, 2016

Alice Through The Looking Glass: A Twisted Reality

Alice and Absolem inside the "parallel reality" after she crossed the "Magical looking glass" / Photo: Disney:

I have seen trailers of Alice Through the Looking Glass a few times and heard all the buzz, but nothing prepared me for how awesome it was to actually watch the entire movie on the big screen and on 3D - waaaayyy before it officially opens in theaters! Nothing also prepared me for the unexpected surprise that this movie is entirely a story all on its own and only inspired by the original story based on the book by Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass. However, this version will surely make you mad - mad with delight!

The Madness that is the Mad Hatter
Oh the madness! If you're thinking this movie is all about Alice, you're wrong! Fact of the matter is, the chatter is on the Hatter, whose original name is Tarrant Hightopp and Alice's bestest friend in Underland. In this sequel, an unexpected discovery pushed the Hatter to fall into a melancholic state and practically isolated himself away from everyone. Much to the concern of her loyal friends who believe he's losing his Muchness and may die from it if he doesn't get over it. Their last recourse was of course to call on Alice. Who they believe is the only one who can make him right again.

This picture says it all - but not giving away the spoiler. 

Family is Forever
The core essence of this movie revolves around the business of family. The hidden truths, hurt, misunderstandings, unexpected discoveries and reconciliations. Without giving so much spoilers, it heavily involves Hatter's family, whom he believed to have all been extinguished by a tragic accident, but where a recent discovery by Hatter himself proved otherwise. Then there's the feuding sisters, Mirana (White Queen) and Iracebeth (Red Queen) where it touched on their past and revealed the reason for their apparent estrangement.

Ever wonder why the Red queen is so obsessed with the beheading of everyone's head? Well, a little bonus for you. This sequel will also detail the origin of the Red queen's uncanny appearance and the reason that fuels her to always order "off with their heads!" 

Time within Time Within Time
This sequel portrays a different Alice that is a huge contrast to the girly, sweet and innocent character we've loved in the classic novel. In order to make Hatter right again and save him from imminent death, Alice took on a difficult quest to travel through time. A feat that involves tackling Time himself and stealing the Chronosphere - the time machine that powers Time. Relevant timeline for every Character involved in this sequel is highlighted during her travel and pieced together informations relevant to the disappearance of Hatter's family.

Suzanne Todd speaking about Alice Through the Looking Glass
during the DisneySMMC session

Twisted Reality
Suzanne Todd, one of the movie's producer, came to speak at the DisneySMMC session and presented behind the scene videos taken during the filming and making of the movie. It was a peek into a world different from what we've always known about Alice in Wonderland. A world of reality as twisted as the Red Queen's mentality - but all done to give us an exhilarating ride to the mystical world of the Underland. I also love the version of Alice in this reality. One that makes me proud to be a girl. For in this movie, Alice totally rules! Girl power. Girl rules! 

Costumes worn by the lead characters in the movie on display at AMC Disney Springs
during the DisneySMMC movie preview 

Sail along with Alice through the looking glass on May 27. Say aye! 

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement. Neither did Disney World through Disney Social Media Moms Conference, where I'm an attendee, asked me to endorse or promote this movie. I simply love the movie and it's pretty darn good to not to share it to my readers. The movie preview was part of the conference's special family activity for attendee and their families. Additional materials for this article are courtesy of Disney Pixar Press Kit. All opinions are mine unless otherwise stated.

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