May 26, 2016

Contributor Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass Fell Down The Rabbit Hole A Little Too Far

Editors Note: Alice Through The Looking Glass officially opens on Friday, May 27. We received a media invite to preview the movie and our contributor and movie buff Nigel had the opportunity to see it. See what he have to say about the movie.

High Expectations. Fair in Comparison.
Seeing Tim Burton's work on Alice in Wonderland as a director, one can easily see the difference in this sequel; Alice Through the Looking Glass, which this time he co-produced. Being aware of this carries certain expectations, one of which is that the vision transported from Tim's mind to the screen will be a visual feast for us mere mortals that can no longer believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast, and Alice Through The Looking Glass, does not disappoint in that regard.

Unfortunately, it seems that Burton set the bar so darn high with Alice in Wonderland, that even he, and Alice Through the Looking Glass director, James Bobin, have been unable to deliver the same impact with this second offering in the timeless works of Lewis Carroll.

Worth Watching No Less
Do not, however, take this observation as a negative. Even with the "shortcomings", this movie is a delight to watch from opening scene to closing credits  With a fast moving story, some witty and clever dialogue and the return of the familiar and lovable characters from Alice in Wonderland, including, for a brief scene, the amazing vocal talents of the late Alan Rickman as Absolem.

New Characters. Fun Addition
The new characters, most notably, Time played by Sacha Baron Cohen adds freshness to the cast of returning characters and in my opinion Cohen's character is the true center of this movie to the point of upstaging the characters of Alice, the Mad Hatter and almost, the Red Queen herself.
The blessing that is created by Cohen's character in adding a new and interesting dynamics to be explored in this sequel, is also unfortunately the film's Achilles Heel, as the movie moves too fast in places and glosses over the sort of "details" that normally elevate a Burton-stamped film into the stratosphere. Leaving the viewer with a film that is definitely fun, and enjoyable, but missing that deeper emotional drawing-in of the viewer that is the hallmark of Burton's other works including Alice In Wonderland.

Overall Summary
Should you go and see this movie? Most definitely, and even more so if you can catch in 3D. Will you buy a copy to keep on DVD and/or Blu-Ray? I know I will be adding it to my collection.

However, if asked does it surpass the excitement and splendor of Alice in Wonderland? Unfortunately in my opinion, it falls short. Not enough to pass it up, but enough to leave you wondering what if anything remained on the cutting room floor and how much better this movie could have been with an additional 30 minutes to allow a deeper connection between the viewer and the varied and wonderful characters of Underland.

Nigel Harrison, is a 46 year young  father of two, who used to live from the land down under and now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. He enjoys many things in life, family, bowling, Spartan runs, working out, shooting the breeze, movies, being a business operations engineer and food. He would probably be diagnosed with ADHD if still in school today. He is an aspiring writer, but can't get focused enough to stick to one topic, though he is writing a book encapsulating his 26 years+ of work experience which hopefully will be out before the world ends.

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