March 5, 2016

The Fast Way to NOT Get Invited to the Disney Conference Inspired by Disney's Iconic Villains

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And so the magic happened again. When the lovely Leanne Jakubowski O'Regan tweeted a "coded" tweet on a particular time of the year, everyone paid attention. You paid attention. Then your next move was to call on all the gods of Disney you may happen to know and fervently prayed that they'll bless you with a pixie dusted email. Beyond that point, you started to stalk your email. It was a feat to be patient. But you have no choice but to be. Afterall, there is only one Tinkerbell spreading all the pixie dusts. Also, navigating through the ethernet to make sure you get the magical invite does takes a bit of work. To the lucky ones, this is an auspicious time. A time for great celebration. It may even drive them bonkers with excitement, apprehension and delight.

I should know this. I've experienced this exhilarating emotions 3 times. It's the happiest kind of bonkers you'll ever feel.

However, there's always that flip side to every happy event. The Yang to the Yin. The dark side to the light. The evil Darth Vader to Anakin Skywalker. You get the picture. It simply brings the wickedness in others and all the crazies seem to come out of the woodwork all at once. The unlucky ones.
If you're vying (or dying) to get invited to the most coveted Disney conference, here's a nugget of wisdom for you. Don't be a sourpuss! 

But if you want to find yourself aboard the fastest roller coaster ride to "never-get-invited" land, just like what others have done, here's what you do:

Be wicked as Lady Tremaine. A cruel, cold, and calculating passive-aggressive tyrant, who can't be happy for someone else's success or good fortune.

I say: Wake up. It's not all about you. A little kindness goes a long way. And beware, uncle Walt is watching you!

Be vengeful as Maleficent who throws curses and angry remarks on social media channels for not getting the invite and claiming they deserve to be invited more than anyone else.

I say: Get a hold of yourself. Now you wonder why you are saying "hello from the other side".

Be obsessively jealous as the evil Queen Grimhilde who desires to be the only "most popular blogger in the land",  and that being passed for an invite is the ultimate sin.

I say: You should look away from your mirror - and your self - once in a while. It will do you good.

Be selfish as Mother Gothel who feels nothing but hate and spews bitter remarks for not being invited and targeting those who were invited with vile tweets and Facebook posts.

I say: News flash. Word travels fast. Lightning fast. And travels extra fast all the way to the world's happiest place and the people behind the magic. Thought I should remind you of that.

Now take heed. Don't despair if you did not get invited this year or the next. I'll say it again, be patient. Keep blogging. There is no proven formula to get invited. But this is a proven formula to NOT get invited.

However, dream on. Dreams do come true. Tinkerbell will soon get into your neck of the woods. May not be now, but she'll get to you!


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