October 5, 2015

Tech Talk: 10 Best Local Places To Get WiFi When You're In Dire Need of One

Peace and Quiet + Free Wifi at the Library for the win!

Before you jump to the list, let me give your brain a little visual stimulation. Imagine yourself on a tight deadline. You're typing mercilessly on your laptop keyboard like a mad woman. You hit save and boom! Blank screen stared back at you with a message yelling at you saying, "you don't have internet connection!"

The shock for heart attack! It's like having a really bad nightmare, except awake, doesn't it? I knew the feeling too well. I had to suffer and endure it for 3 days. Thanks to careless city government workers, they cut my internet cable while digging my neighbors driveway! However, it was not the end of my world. It just meant I have to invoke my creative thinking to resolve my problem while waiting to get the mess fixed.

So, I went to hunt. And fortunately, it yielded a great bounty.

Family that hunt for Wifi together get work done together @ Panera

WiFi Hotspots not limited to Starbucks
There are other options besides getting drunk on coffee and getting over-caffeinated for the sake of free WiFi. Though Starbucks is the first choice for many, there are actually other places you can go to with Free Wifi, which not only help you complete your task but also get you nourished.

Here's my 10 Free WiFi Go-To Places:

1. Chick-Fil-A. Waffle fries and Spicy chicken sandwich. Need I say more? The restaurant I go to have a dedicated room where you can do work, relatively in peace. The perk? You have endless supply of food and refreshment.

2. Panera. The new Starbucks. But with good food choices. Great for family of geeks such as mine!

3. Harris Teeter. It's not just your regular local grocery store anymore. They have a little cafe area where you can do work and not a lot of competition on their free WiFi. The Perk? They have Starbucks cafe in their stores now if you're craving coffee and a hot food and salad bar when you get hungry.

4. Target. They have their own cafe where you can munch on their popular cheese breadsticks and Starbucks next to it. What more can you ask? It's also generally quiet there.

5. Bookstore. Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million are great choices. They have in-store Cafes and offer substantial cafe foods to satisfy your appetite. Not a lot of competition on their WiFi either.

6. EarthFare. Besides offering organic produce and products, they also offer a cafe complete with hot food and salad bar to satisfy your hunger while you work.

7. Mall. There's more to a mall than shopping. Big Malls offer free Wifi with tons of lounge areas along with a food court where you can eat and get your work done in no time. The perk? You can go shopping afterwards!

8. McDonalds Cafe. Though I'm not a big fan of the restaurant and never set foot in it in years, they offer free Wifi and a place to get work done. Also, with the recent changes they're doing to better their food, I'd say, they're worth considering.

9. Library. If your only requirement is to work, the library is the best place to go. It's quiet, uninterrupted with uncongested Wifi.

10. Karma. The device where "anywhere is a good place".  And if you'd rather stay at home and you have a good 4G reception - I don't - then this is your baby! However, it has been the best Wifi device that I've got my hands on thus far. It has saved me from no-free-wifi zones countless times and it's one of the gadgets I never leave home without. It's useful to me the most when I'm in my car and on the road.

Your own Karma Hotspot
Access to your very own WiFi whenever, wherever you are. The best thing about it, the data doesn't expire and 1GB will only cost you $14. It's like your emergency internet supply kit on the go. If you want one, click HERE for a special discount code for a $10 off of your purchase. You deserve it!

Next time you need free Wifi, you know where to go and the best device to have at hand!

Note of caution:
Make sure you are connecting to the official free Wifi of the store you are planning to access. There are reports of hackers targeting popular hotspots.

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