October 29, 2015

A Walk In The Clouds: Grandfather Mountain - Amazing Photos

Just when we thought our visit to Grandfather Mountain was a bust because of the weather, it instead gave us the experience of a lifetime!

This is my favorite photo. It's of a dad and his young daughter braving to cross the Mile-High Swinging Bridge where part of the bridge is totally covered in thick clouds and hidden from the naked eye. It almost looked like they're walking into the Twilight zone.

This woman was fighting the wind pushing her around. It was a struggle being steady on your feet, but just being there and experiencing a once in a lifetime adventure courtesy of nature is all worth it.

Folks huddled together on top of Grandfather Mountain taking in the freezing wind and strong gust while enveloped in the swirling clouds that descended upon us.

This guy is standing on the highest peak of Grandfather Mountain where the Geodetic Survey stamp is located. Trying to find a signal dude?

My selfie of all selfies on top of Grandfather Mountain. Thanks to freezing wind and strong gust for my unique hairstyle and beet-red make-up! I can't feel my nose, face and hands but, it's okay! 

The Top Shop starting to get engulfed by the descending clouds on our way up.

It just shows that sometimes the best adventures in life are those that are unexpected. This amazing occurrence at the mountain was definitely a welcome surprise. The wonder of nature at its best. We were fortunate to be there at the right place at the right time!

Location: Grandfather Mountain Linville, NC
Elevation: 5,946 ft
Visibility: Zero to 3ft.
Weather condition: 35 mph freezing wind, 29 mph gust with thick clouds descended
Taken on: October 2015
Famous for: Mile High Swinging Bridge


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