September 21, 2015

Aluminum-Free Deodorant As an Alternative Option for Sweaty Stinky Armpits

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I'm not in the habit of talking about the business of armpits but I will admit, I'm a little obsessed at finding THAT effective deodorant without the controversial Aluminum ingredient in it that works for me. Unfortunately, it also seem like an endless pipe dream. For years, I've searched, tried and tested every possible alum-free deodorant available out there, but none truly passed my armpit's stringent demands - I don't need to go all TMI on you - you know what I'm talking about. So, what do I do when another product meeting the criteria comes my way? I give it a try of course. And pronto!

The potential of an Alum-Free Deodorant
When I was asked by Green Moms Meet to review Nutrexin Alum-free liquid roll-on deodorant, I didn't think twice. I actually got very excited! And rightly so, since I'm on this seemingly never-ending quest to find the perfect Alum-free deodorant for me - that works! And when I say, works, I mean you're relatively stink free or at least "under control". The sweat? I don't think that can't be helped but I can hope.

Nutrexin is fragrance-free, although it have a very refreshing scent - thanks to its citrus and flower extracts formulation which I was happy with because I love deodorants with good scents, Preservative-free and Artificial Color-free. But the pH Alkaline Deodorant claim on its label is what got me the most! For individuals with high acidity levels in their system, which is relatively present on their sweats, this easily translates to stinkier armpits! Nutrexin formulation is definitely promising.

Sniff Test and Sweat Challenge
I'm relatively active most of the day and with the sweltering heat that still lingers in the Carolinas, being outside is not a pleasant experience made worst by the accompanying high humidity. AND when there is moisture in the air, there will be moisture under those armpits!

I used the deodorant at a couple of the hottest days of the week. One generous application for the whole day. I noticed that though my armpits were moist, they were not that wet with sweat. And the stink meter? I was actually surprised. It was at the most minimum - meaning, yes, there is still some unpleasant odor but it was very subtle.

C'mon everyone's armpit stinks! 

I was truly afraid that my sweat will wash away the deodorant and I'll totally faint at the end of the day but it wasn't the case apparently and I'm relatively happy about it.

Notable observations to consider
  • Nutrexin is NOT an anti-perspirant so expect perspiration. 
  • You need to re-apply as many times in the day as you deem fit. You sweat, You stink.
  • It's small enough to carry in your purse so you can keep it handy on the go.
  • Pricier at $9.99 for 1.7 oz than leading deodorant brands in the market in the same category.
  • Better plant-based derived ingredients than other leading deodorants in the same category.

In the end, it's all up to whatever works for you and your personal preference. This product have potential and have enough impressive ingredients derived from natural ingredients that warrants consideration worthy of anyone's armpits to try. As for me, my search isn't over. 

About Nutrexin
The Nutrexin product line was born from Nature’s First Apothecary – Zurich, Switzerland’s leading provider of natural medicines. The “nature’s First” team of health care professionals have over 90 years of experience working with homeopathic, Ayurvedic and herbal remedies. Their unique formulas have been developed in the belief that everybody has the natural power and ability to be healthy and stay healthy.

Disclaimer: Nutrexin through Green Moms Meet provided the product to test and facilitate this review. I'm a purveyor of living green but this post is not an endorsement of this product. All opinions are mine, unless otherwise noted, and based on my own personal experience of the product featured in this article.


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