August 31, 2015

Water You Doing 2016 Promises Exciting Transformations To Carowinds

Photo +Maricris G 

Thursday, I was one of those privileged to witness the meaning behind the hashtag #wateryoudoing2016 where Carowinds made a HUGE revelation showcasing the incredible changes coming to their theme park. Additions and expansions that made me giddy with excitement, as were most of those that were in attendance. And there's a good reason why, which you will agree with as soon as you see the line-up in the works.

New Live Show Worth Your While
Cirque Imagine. A new live show featuring acrobatic performances reminiscent of that of Cirque de soleil - for those that are big fan of the latter, you will enjoy this version as well. This 30-minute show will debut in June 2016.

Cirque Imagine performer / Photo +Maricris G 

Amazing Expansions
A sophisticated makeover will transform Boomerang Bay into an even more awesome place for every member of the family to dip and cool down during the Summer. The waterpark will get a new identity and will become the new Carolina Harbor Waterpark with these great additions:

New Waterpark Entrance - With direct access to the waterpark, jumping into the water and escaping the heat now takes just a few short steps.

Photo / Carowinds

Surf Club Harbor Wave Pool - A state-of-the-art 27,000 square-foot wave pool that features 12 water geysers and waves as high as 6 feet! More info here.

Photo / Carowinds

Blackbeard's Revenge - A towering six story tall water slide complex featuring three attractions and six exhilarating slides. And for those who loves an exhilarating ride, Pirates Plank will send guests plummeting down a nearly vertical free fall where the floor drops out from underneath and more.

Photo / Carowinds

Seaside Splashworks - Part of Carowinds two-acre family area, this water structure features over 80 elements including a 423-gallon tipping bucket.

Photo / Carowinds

Photo / Carowinds

Kiddy Hawk Cove and Myrtle Turtle Beach - These two new family-fun zones are fully equipped with features for both parents and children.

Amenities to Love - Did I hear Starbucks? 

Yes. Starbucks. Carowinds will debut a 3,000+ square foot Starbucks cafe and will be located at the front entrance of the park. Great perk for the coffeeholics, who are also Starbuckers like me.

Harbor House and Schooners - A new restaurant inside the Waterpark with full-service bar! Yes! The crowd went wild on this one.

Additional Cabanas -  40 new luxurious cabanas.

More Lounging Chairs - An additional 1,100 lounging chairs will be available for guests to relax and enjoy the sun.

Sand Volleyball Courts - Five professional quality sand volleyball courts will be added for both casual and competitive play.

New and Upgraded Facilities - In addition to upgrading family changing areas, a new bathhouse will also be added.

For someone who don't do rides, these changes and additions are a welcome treat and something to look forward to in 2016!

Watch the big announcement during the Media Event here: Carowinds SEAcret Revealed Video

More Fun Facts on Carowinds:

Disclaimer: I'm a long-time Carowinds season passholder and currently an official Caro-blogger for Carowinds. This post is part of the program but all opinions are mine, unless otherwise stated.


  1. My family is oohing and ahhing as I read this aloud! We are so excited to see these new additions to the water park! I love the names of the new family area, love the local tie ins!

    1. First off, great to see your lovely face here Kristin! And Yes! I'm beyond excited myself. I don't do rides and THESE are all ah-mazing addition in my book! I can't wait. You should see the reaction of the crowd when they heard about the full-sevice bar! lol


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