July 1, 2015

Summer Perks: Movie Theaters with Free Admission and Summer Deals

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It's that time of the year again. Popcorn and Free movies? Heck yeah baby. Who would say no to free movies and unlimited popcorn galore? I sure can't and won't. So should you too! Thankfully, Summer is here and most theaters offer perks that are FREE, dirt cheap or almost free to its young patrons and their budget-conscious parents -  the entire Summer. Sweeeet! Not to say, it's a great escape plan when cabin fever starts to set in and you want to give your air conditioner a break.

Check out this list of local Movie Theaters in Charlotte with Summer deals for 2015 and make your Summer awesome!

Regal Movies who used to offer movies for free now charges movies for $1 all Summer long through their Summer Movie Express program.

AMC Movies charges $4.99 for their AMC Cares Summer Throwbacks. 

Independently-owned Ayrsley Cinemas still offers Free Summer movies. Check here for time and dates.

Psst! Grab some Snooze. Yes. Snooze while you're inside the movie theater.  I'll tell you, be very creative and get yourself some needed snooze if you can. Why not? It's dark and cool. Perfect setting for a little siesta. You snooze, you don't lose. You actually win. The kids are busy being visually entertained - and you get some power Zzzz's. How's that for a big win? Just don't snore. Please.

Also, here's a good idea to do. If you think that you will be visiting the movie theaters a lot even after Summer, sign up for their rewards cards. They have some great perks that you can use to save you some money and freebies too like free upgrades on popcorn and drinks! AMC and Regal both offer rewards cards.  

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