July 22, 2015

Photography: Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Photos

Waterfall inside the Orchid Conservatory at +Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden / Photo: +Maricris G 

I recently visited the DSBGarden and here is an inside look covering several areas of the garden. I'm in love with my photography (of course I am!) which is why it's best to let the photos speak for themselves and tell you their story - or you know it, I'll be bias! Not that, that's a bad thing IMO. Now, do you know what is so great about staring at these pictures and getting lost in them? If you can't guess, I'll tell you anyway. Well, you most certainly won't be able to smell the foul scent of the stinky flower. Lucky duck! So... Ooh-gle on! 

Corpse Flower inside the Orchid Conservatory / Photo: +Maricris G 

The Amber Lady / Photo: +Maricris G 

Photo: +Maricris G 

Canal Garden / Photo: +Maricris G 

Pathway by Four Seasons Garden / Photo: +Maricris G 

Photo: +Maricris G 

Photo: +Maricris G 

I hope the pictures transported you to a stimulating visual journey. If you have any comments, constructive criticism, tips or suggestions, don't be shy, give me a holler!

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