July 20, 2015

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Now With Kid-Friendly Options

Photo: +Maricris G 

Different and kid-friendly-er are probably the two words that will pop out of your mind when you visit the Garden this year. And rightly so. I haven't been to the gardens in ages and I can definitely see the recent changes and upgrades they have done within - in my opinion - to make it more conducive to families with younger children. A good business move as well if you ask me.

Last time we were there (ages as I've mentioned), there was nothing for my young child to get "lost" into, thus making the visit rather "boring" for her. Much as we adults enjoyed the visit, we never dared go back since we didn't want to "bore" our child again and give us grief in the process. Fast forward. We went back! We had a reason to go back. And surprisingly, there was something for my kiddo. I was hopeful. She's a lot older now but is still young enough to gravitate towards "child stuffs" especially in a boring-to-a-child-garden setting.

Fireplace Cave at Lost Hollow / Photo: +Maricris G 

Hello Lost Hollow! 

"I think you are cool."

Finally, something for every child in every age to enjoy. I think the Bird cage is fun - if you want to test your endurance to motion-sickness or if you simply want to get dizzy - this is for you! It's also huge enough, it can probably fit 10 adults in that cage! Or 15-20 children give or take. Something to go crazy in for anyone "bored". You can play spin-a-lot and find out who comes out as the last man or child standing. I dare you.

Now, the garden is still a work in progress with apparent addition in the works but we'll take it. It helped make the visit worthwhile somehow. More so, when you have a child who can't care less about what type of plant is in front of her, much care what it is.

"The thing is, you, my dear lost hollow were there for my child. You came through for me. My child actually interacted with the garden this time!"

Now we have a reason to go back, maybe. We shall see. For now, we all had fun. The ZimSculpt was interesting to see and discovering the Corpse flower was a great find. Not sure if I should be thankful or sad for missing it bloom and/or escaping its scent that smelled worst than crap. I can't decide. People flock to this flower if only to get a whiff of its stinky scent and get a picture of it. Go figure.

Either way, it was a great visit. Looking forward to when all the additions are in place.

Photo: +Maricris G 

Amphitheatre at Lost Hollow / Photo: +Maricris G 


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