June 15, 2015

These Children Put Their Lives on the Line Each Day To Get To School

School is finally out for the school year in my city and I can't be any prouder with my child for ending her year with high honors, including an award from our U.S. President's Education Awards Program for Outstanding Academic Achievement. As a parent, it's definitely one of our proud moments. I'm blessed that my child have the passion to learn, best of all, the love to go to school. I'm equally grateful that she lives in a country that provide good schools and amenities for everyone. Not all countries in this world offers the same privilege, and kids her age in these underprivileged countries suffer the dire consequences and have to persevere each day just so that they can go to school and learn.

I know for a fact that dire situations like this exists in the remote areas in the country I was born in but I have no clue what it's like to be in these kids' shoes since I've lived in the City all my life with the modern amenities a city lifestyle offers. Watching On The Way to School documentary opened my eyes to another world I never knew existed and made me more appreciative of the privileges available to my own child. 

On The Way to School features (4) four kids in (4) four countries whose lives are at stake each day as they traverse dangerous paths to reach their schools. 

Jackson and his sister traversing through the Savannah / Photo: UniFrance Films

One of these kids made a huge impact on me as a mother with a child who is close to his age. Jackson is 11 years old and live in the far away remote village of Kenya. He and his sister walks (9) nine and a half miles across the treacherous desert savannah populated by wild animals to get to school. Their trek starts at the crack of dawn dodging wild animals, and running away from territorial elephants to avoid getting harmed. Then again, on their way back home. All these every single day.

No kid should go through horrific circumstance such as this but as it is, it's a reality they can't escape. Their reality.

"12-year-old Zahira lives in the steep Atlas Mountains. It takes her and her two friends an exhausting day of walking to reach their boarding school.
13-year-old Samuel lives in India. The two and half miles he must traverse each day are a challenge because his legs are paralyzed. His two younger brothers push his makeshift wheelchair for more than an hour in order to get to school.
11-year-old Carlito crosses the Patagonian plains on horseback, accompanied by his younger sister. Each day the pair travel 11 miles back and forth, no matter the weather."- quoted from uniFrance Films

These kids are my heroes. They should be every kids heroes! They are the embodiment of true dedication, courage and perseverance - in the midst of poverty, unpleasant circumstances, even possible loss of their lives. 

Teachable moment for your kids
Children in privileged upbringing don't realize how lucky they are. Get your kids to watch this documentary when they start thinking they have it bad. Or hates going back to school. These kids have it worst in all circumstances, yet it didn't stop them from believing in life and the value of a good education. Rather it made them strive harder to get it even though it seem so out of their reach.

Be prepared to be humbled. This inspiring documentary is available on Netflix.


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