March 27, 2015

10 Amazing Documentary Films On NetFlix That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Taking a hiatus from blogging have given me the opportunity to indulge in one of my favorite "sports" - Marathon. No. It's not what you think. In my lingo, it's watching Documentary Films on Netflix via my Roku Player. Yes that. Now, in my watched list are these documentaries that are sure to change the way you think, the way you look at your food or the way you view your world. I promise, it won't kill you to watch these documentaries simultaneously, though it may make your butt bigger if you don't get up from your couch occasionally. If any at all, it will broaden your horizon and create a deeper awareness at what's really happening in this world we live in and the things that surround us. I'd recommend watching them with your kids. I always believe in that Knowledge is king.

And these are the kind of knowledge worth knowing.

In the island made of plastic. I have no clue this island existed until I saw this film. More shocking is the reason why it became The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the grave danger it brought to our wildlife and our ecosystem around the world. It truly makes you rethink the way you use plastic. Or I hope it does.

From mining industry to Nuclear devastation. Our quest for gain and modernization have created ghost towns in its aftermath. You wouldn't believe your eyes when you see them.

What's shocking is that some of these places are right in our own yard

This is the amazing work of acclaimed photographer James Balog documenting the evidence of the cause of the rapid melt of ice in the Arctic and the scary impact of our carbon-powered planet to our environment. Higher sea level ring a bell?

The up close and personal look inside the lives of killer whales in captivity and the true nature of the performing killer whale, Tilikum, that killed several people in captivity including its trainer at SeaWorld. A shocking revelation that also makes you instantaneously question the sanity of those that use them for profit.

"You are what you eat" is a cliche' that is proven true in this documentary. GMO in your DNA? You betcha. You will never look at corn or beef the same way again. But all for your own good. If you care to look. 

If you haven't seen this documentary yet, you should. It is both a fascinating and a terrifying dissection of our nation's food industry. If you don't know Monsanto - though I can't believe anyone wouldn't - Well, let's just say, after watching this film, you'll find more reason to not like him - putting it mildly.

A shocking and sad revelation of how teens in this digital age now finds empowerment and define their self-worth through "likes" online. Not farther from the truth even for adults, don't you think? 

Art out of trash? Yes please. You'll be amazed at Jardim Gramacho's highly creative work using none other than everyday household trash. It would leave you feeling in awe, you'd think it's impossible but wait until you see his work. In the same token, it will give you a glimpse into the lives of the "catadores" - pickers of recyclable materials and how their "dirty jobs" would make even Mike Rowe very proud!

Love Sushi? Well, would you pay $300 a plate of it? Some people do and that's not even the whole story. Find out the mystery behind why people are willing to pay top dollar and wait as long as a year just to get into this restaurant.  

Happy Streaming.
If you like this collection, let me know. If you have any recommendation, let me know too. Would love to hear feedback from you and your thoughts about these films  If you need a list of other watch-worthy films, drop me a suggestion. Email Maricris at

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  1. So, I thought I responded to this a few days ago, but I apparently wasn't "logged in" and so it didn't go through. Or something like that. Anyway, thanks for sharing, I'll have to look into some of those! Here are some that we recently watched and I recommend them all as a "must see." I'm not sure if they're on Netflix or not. We don't have Netflix, but we watched them on VuDu through our BluRay player.

    Bought ( the first 30 minutes are free, and then it's $5.99 to "rent" the movie. Totally worth it in my opinion.)

    Food Chains


    I hope you check them out, and have a great week!


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