June 17, 2015

47 Refreshing Destinations in North Carolina To Help You beat the Summer Heat

Photo: Maricris Guadagna

Summer is not officially here yet but my goodness, the weather is already making us feel otherwise. Yesterday, our car temperature sensor topped a whopping 100° F while out doing errands late in the afternoon. And now, it's even hotter with real feel of 109° F. No freaking way! But as it is - it is hot out there and getting hotter each day. It's that time of the year I wish I live near a cool pool of water somewhere. And please, heavily chlorinated public swimming pools are so. no. way! If I'm going to swim Summer heat away, I'd rather much prefer soaking in a natural body of water sans the stinky chemical any time of the day!

Now the great thing about North Carolina (and living here) is that, its got amazing destinations for a refreshing Summer adventure for every heat-overwhelmed City dwellers like me.

Only In Your State recommends these 10 Amazing Beaches that included Oak Island, which I have the pleasure of visiting with our friends a few years ago. Now, Corolla beach with its wild horses, yes, wild horses, is something uniquely different and worth a visit. Check the rest of the list here

Wild Horses on Corolla Beach / Photo: Outer Banks This Week

If beaches are not your thing then, check out these 20 Breathtaking Waterfalls waiting to be discovered by you. I personally would love to try Looking Glass Falls at Pisqah National Forest where according to Only In Your State, is where the whole family can enjoy, including the oldies. The rest of the list is here.

Photo: MyLivability/YouTube

Or, if Rivers and Lakes rather floats your boat, then you're in luck. Here are 15 Swimming Holes you can readily jump in! Lake Lure included in this list have been mentioned to me quite a few times, I think it's a sign I should finally go visit. Full list here.

Photo: Two Ring Studio via Only In Your State

Other swimming destinations worth visiting:

Ocean Isle - An island within the island. A hidden gem waiting to be discovered. An hour away from Wilmington NC and Myrtle Beach SC.

Lake Norman Swimming Beach  - The only swimming area in Lake Norman and is inside the State Park. It boasts of a 125-yard-long sand beach, parking area and bathhouse with concession stand, restrooms, changing stalls, warm showers and lockers.

Photo: Lake Norman State Park

What's your favorite Summer destination?

If you like these lists, please share it. Also, let us know what other great places there are out there in North Carolina that didn't make it to these lists, so we can check them out.

Happy Swimming!


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