October 22, 2014

Got Old Greeting Cards? Upcycle Them In Time For The Holidays And Save Money!

Upcycled, Recycled Old Greeting Cards

Holidays are coming up and you know what that means, cards and tons of cards to buy and send! With of course an exemption to those who'd rather send e-card - which to my book is cheesy and un-personal...ahem.  But if you're one of those traditionalist as moi, don't be quick in spending your hard-earned dollars yet. Let me tell you ways to save some moolah by simply upcycling those cute old cards you have collecting dusts in your shoe box somewhere, into new adorable ones. Yes it can be done. Knowing me, I always find a way.

You can call this a form of  "re-gifting", though not quite.

Here are creative ways to give your old cards new life:


Paper Edger Scissors
Border Punch
Corner Punch
Double-sided tape
Paper cutter
Colored Card stock Paper
Old greeting cards
Your creativity and imagination


Border punch and corner punch

Upcycling two-fold cards without paper insert. 
Using the paper cutter, separate the front cover from the other half of card with dedication. Cut just before fold to make a clean cut. You can save the dedicated portion or recycle, of course. Then, use the border punch to add a decorative touch on the front cover's edges. Finish it off with the corner punch to complete the design as shown above. Use your creative imagination to create your preferred trim.

Once satisfied with your creation, fold a card stock paper in half.  Lay the redesigned front cover on top of the front of the card and trim its edges, leaving minimum margins on all sides to ensure your front cover will be centered. Using double-sided tape, stick your cover permanently on the front side of your new card and you're done!

For two-fold cards with paper insert.
Using paper edger scissor of your own preferred design, cut the bottom half of insert to remove "dedicated" portion (shown on photo below). Set flap in place with a double-sided tape. Voila! New card to re-use and send.

Count your savings.
By recycling and upcycling old cards, you save a minimum of $1.00 a piece to $2.50, depending on the brand and size of cards when bought new. That's a saving of approximately $50 if you're planning on sending 20 cards!

Don't throw those old cards away. Upcycle. And save money!

Your Question: 
I have no border punch or paper edger scissor, what are my options?

My Answer:
No worries. Plain edges are OK too. You can also opt on trimming their edges with ribbons all around or just part of it like a frame. Or if you love glitters, sprinkle the margins with them. Whatever you do with your card, give it your personal touch and make it your own, unique creation!

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