March 14, 2014

SAD Makes Me... Sad

It's raining. It's pouring. But I'm not snoring. I'm actually sad for reason I know not. This happens every year. Right after Summer ends and Fall begins. Each year I wonder what cursed spell the weather have on me this strong that it can manipulate my moods and emotions to its whim and fancies! And it gets worst during the Winter. That unexplained melancholy that washes over my poor awkward self from seemingly nowhere. It sneaks up on me. Most often than not, I'm caught off-guard.

What a misery!

It does loves company. But not possible when you are the only one in your home that is affected by it. So, I find company in coffee, hot pot of tea, my couch and wherever the mood leads me in the four walls of my house. And there's more. Migraine headaches is one of its sinister surprise when the day is overcast. When it happens, then pain medication soothes me - or try to - sometimes, losing the battle on some days.

Why me?
I'm truly baffled as to why I have this "disorder" - and yes, disorder is a good description because it put my days in total disorder whenever I get it!

Though I'm not medically diagnosed having SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), I exhibit its symptoms to a tee. In my opinionated opinion, I don't need to pay a doctor chunk of change for something I already know I have. But still why me!?

Unfortunately, no one, not even the experts and specialist know why - more reason I won't waste my money - though they apparently know who are prone to it! Figures.

According to internetz research I'm doomed with it because:

  • I'm female - SAD loves women more than men.
  • Living far from the equator - Not totally sure about this one but apparently, the farther one gets from both North and South, the more you'll get it. 

If this were true, wouldn't that make everyone away from the equator suffering SAD? Un-confuse me.

  • Family History - I'm pretty sure we're crazy and wacky but I can't think of a single person in my family who's got it.
  • Having clinical depression or bipolar disorder - I do have a disorder but I can certainly say 100% I don't have any of these two.

What do I do?
Not much really. I can't live inside a tanning bed all Winter - and besides they're expensive and harmful. Though I try to get out and bathe in whatever sliver of sunlight there is available even when it's overcast outside. I can't say if it helps at all especially on days I'm decommissioned by a nasty migraine, but it's refreshing to get out there and breathe in some fresh air whenever.

What helps me
Recipe here
These things helps me when taken at the onset of either the melancholy or migraine:
  • Coffee - blended or straight black
  • Black and Green Tea - I love the loose leaf ones
  • Chocolates - whatever your heart desires but dark ones seem to have more effect
  • Vitamin B complex - I've been seeing or feeling a noticeable relief by taking this supplement
  • Hope for Spring - 'nuff said

Note: What works for me may not work for you but you can give it a shot.

Winter is almost officially over. I should be happy. But nope! Spring is already manifesting itself which brings me to a different disorder - Seasonal allergies! - I. can't. win...

Does SAD makes you... sad too?


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