February 15, 2014

Our #snOMG Winter Wonderland Whiteout Fun in Charlotte NC

Sitting on a huge boulder of a snowball! Thanks to 10" of snow.

Last time we've had this much snow was in 2004. 9 freakin' long years ago! I know a lot of you are saying they're either "done", "tired", "ready-for-Summer" kind of folks right now...but c'mon! What about us in the snow-starved State that don't see this much snow ALL THE TIME? Yeah us. Not that I'm asking you to hate on me now but I'm totally lovin' the fact that we got 3 Snow days and 10 inches totally awesome amount of snow! I know - we'll pay for the "price" later - but for now, we'll have fun shall we?

This don't happen all the time.*

Watch this in our YouTube Channel:

* Obviously, this video was recorded earlier. Snowstorm started on Tuesday up to Thursday of this week.

Check this out:


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