February 12, 2014

My No-Brainer Snow Gauge for #snOMG in Charlotte

Call me curious or anal about this whole #snOMG ordeal in Charlotte now - but I do, do, truly, do, want to know EXACTLY (or approximately) how much snow we're getting on my side of town. It is forecasted that this awful storm will drop in 8-11 inches of snow. But...how much of that are we really gonna get?

Hey, if you don't get snow all the time, you'll make this into a whole big deal too! So, my creative brain went to work. Say hello to my simple, no-brainer, snow gauge! Even a school child can do this. But who thought to do it? Me. Watch how it's done and you might just get a little giggle when a snowflake attacked my eye!

It's workin' and goin' on 4". It's not letting up and the wind is really picking up, awfully bad right now. We might just get more. 11"? I can dream.


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