December 13, 2013

Christmas Card Holder Home Decor Idea

I just received my first Christmas card in the mail and I'm ecstatic! In this age of email and digital technology, a physical card seem to be vanishing in the holiday equation each year. But always the optimistic believer on things great and unique, I'm confident that I will still get some, if not many, cards this year. With this assumption, I better have a nice place to display them. Last year, I "wedged" them in the Christmas tree. This year, I've got something nicer and quite simple to make!

Materials needed:

Your favorite decorative duct tape
Colored thick plastic string
Clothes pins

In this project, I used a green colored string and outlined the shape of a Christmas tree. Taped it with my decorative duct tape, securing it down in the shape of  an asterisk or star to add flair to the design. Continue taping all essential sides that will hold the shape in place and to ensure it will "carry" the weight of the cards and clothes pin.

Once that's done. Start "hanging" your Christmas cards!

In this project, it holds approximately 15 cards total, and more if I choose to "crowd" them if need be.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS DESIGN: It's located on the front door which means my family can see the card collection growing each day right at their very eyes, and can easily read and see new cards that come without me telling them at all times! It also makes my front door useful and fancy schmancy!

Bonus tip:
To make the string sturdier, you can leverage the use of a wreath hanger by hanging part of the string on it and hang a wreath as a decorative touch to the ensemble.


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