November 6, 2013

Start a Thanksgiving Family Tradition with a THANK YOU Bank

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and you know what that means. It's the season of "Thank you's" and gratitude! If you are looking for a Thanksgiving Family tradition idea that you can start with your family that's quick and easy but meaningful, especially for your young children, then I've got one for you! All you need is a cute piggy bank!

It works pretty simple.

Get yourself a medium or large-sized Piggy bank, Label it as shown on the picture above (or use your own wordings), pre-cut small pieces of paper where they can write their thank you notes on, set it next to the piggy and lastly, a pen. Its location will be based on your preference. You can also decorate the piggy or have your children do it for added fun.

Have each member of your family fill the "Thank you bank" with what they are grateful for each day. Besides highlighting what they're thankful for, it also reinforces positivity. Let's face it, each day won't be perfect. Finding something they can be thankful for may be hard on certain days, but this exercise would help them identify good things they can be thankful for, no matter how little or mundane they may be.

Little ones who can't write yet should get help from either you or her older siblings. This will ensure everyone is participating and no one is left out. Everyone will have something to be thankful for. And best part of it, you're doing it as a family!

At Thanksgiving day, "withdraw" your "deposits" out and tape each one on a board. It will make for a great conversation piece and hopefully, inspire the family by discovering what each member have been thankful for as they read each note!

DISCLAIMER: This idea will guarantee fun times ahead. The only thing it will not guarantee is a frustrated child who doesn't know what to write and an exasperated parent who's frustrated with the frustrated child. Other than that, it's all good.


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