November 21, 2013

Review: National Geographic Kids New Holiday Book Selections

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by National Geographic. Books featured here are provided by them for review. All opinion you read in this post are mine unless otherwise stated. It's bookworm-approved and sealed with a drool-y kiss!

"Knowledge is Power" that is what Francis Bacon said, and how right he is! For eons, books have become the great source of knowledge! Not surprisingly, books plays a crucial role in our society and in our children's learning and education. National Geographic recognizes the power of knowledge and came out with 10 interesting books that are enjoyable, entertaining and equally informative for both young and adults.

Here's the breakdown:

Ultimate Weird But True 2 - This is my bookworm's top choices. It is highly entertaining, visual and out-of-this-world captivating. Once you start flipping through its pages, you can't put it down. It is similar with another popular book and entertainment industry but this book hold its own personality. This book had been a well-traveled companion of the bookworm. retails $19.95

Kids Almanac 2014 - Another top choice. This book is like the whole Encyclopedia was compounded into one small book! It's busting at the seam with information and offers endless reading for the curious one. retails $14.99

Just Joking 4 - My bookworm's favorite! Be prepared for tons of Knock-Knockin' fun with this book. Laughter and guffawing is a must and recommended when you handle each page from this book - 300 of them all! retails $7.95

First Big Book of Why - Perfect for that stage when your child's favorite word is WHY. Flip through the pages and you might find the perfect answer! This book is the perfect companion for the little scientist who needs to know WHY things work the way they do. Things like "Why do you need to eat vegetables?" Brilliant! retails $14.95

The bookworm didn't show much interest on these books but is perfect for those who loves animals and have pets. She calls them "for the adult reader" and more for "serious reads".

Everything Pets - A photo journal of all possible pets, big and small. Almost like an Almanac for pet lovers. retails $12.95

Devoted - A book dedicated to the dogs and their extraordinary tales of love, life and loyalty with those that owns them. A compilation of 38 touching real-life stories that will leave you saying "Aah! I want a dog for myself!" - which unfortunately, will not happen in this household! retails $14.95

Best Friends Forever - This book covers the odd friendships between two different animals that was thought to be impossible but this book proves otherwise. A cute look into friendships shared by two vastly different animals. Fun read. retails $5.99

Mother's Love - An endearing true stories featuring wild animals and their mothering skills. A deep look at how being a mother knows no boundary even in the wild side. Actress Kate Hudson provided the foreword to this book. retails $9.95

Funny Fill-In My Animal Adventure - A full-colored activity book that teaches young readers vocabulary and different forms of words. They fill-in the right words to complete a sentence and then the entire story, either with the words provided or their own. retails $4.99

Meerkats Level 1 - A good book to learn all about the Meerkats. Great for the early reader. retails $3.99

With Holidays on the horizon, these books will make for a great gift idea for the bookworm in your family or young friends. Lots of good choices and there's one for every age! I can guarantee endless reading and fun times ahead. The only thing I can't guarantee is a book drool-free (from falling asleep on it at night) and a child sleeping on time at night.


  1. These are great. Ordering now. My seven year old will be THRILLED to find these in his stocking.

    1. That's great to hear Stefanie! I bet she will be!


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