November 23, 2013

Family Destinations: NASCAR Hall of Fame Charlotte

I love my city. It's a great city, but there are still a lot about it I need to discover. Places like NASCAR Hall of Fame. Good thing Avon Walk for Breast Cancer held their closing ceremony at the premises of NASCAR this year. It gave us the chance to finally visit the museum. True confession: I've lived in Charlotte 10 years and have never set foot inside this museum until that day we went. We aren't big NASCAR fans so that tells a lot about why we've never been. But, believe it, I had a blast going behind the scenes at NASCAR and actually enjoyed the races. I even got to meet Darrell Waltrip, Michael Waltrip, Joe Gibbs and their top racers and toured their shops last year. I even got inside the exclusive winner's circle lounge with Joey Logano. It was one of those things that don't happen everyday and you simply enjoy every bit of the experience.

Though that fail to convert me to NASCARhood, it did make me appreciate the world that is NASCAR and the people that made racing, their life. You should see their kids. They're literally racing straight from the womb!

Charlotte is the proud home of NASCAR and part of our visit is to see a piece of its history, especially for our daughter's sake. She needs to know her city's treasured gems! As for me, I have an agenda that needed fulfillment.

I was in the hunt to find Darrell Waltrip's car that he mentioned during my visit to his private garage + museum. The car that the museum previously acquired from him. I never forgot about it. Don't ask me why. I simply want to see it.

And it has nothing to do with me getting to ride one of his winning cars. Nor the fact that I had my picture taken with him.

Now, I was a bit of a skeptic when I took the first step inside the halls of the museum. I was afraid I was going to get bored. I did say, I was not a big fan but I do have an agenda to motivate me. My two sidekicks however, are a whole different story. They both started warming up to all the cars on display. I don't blame them.

The museum gives you a 2D glimpse into the world of racing sans the roaring noise and heart stopping mishaps on the race track. It offers, true fan or not, 4 levels of fun and adventure and a taste of how it's like to be a race car driver or a pit crew all in one visit!

Why YOU should visit?
Besides Uptown Charlotte being a great city, the museum makes for a good family weekend fun option. Or a good "get to know your city" day trip idea. Works best if you're also a big fan! - And even when you're not! I can totally attest to that. I was impressed, I actually enjoyed the visit.

Oh and Darrell's car? I did find it. After a little runaround. I completely missed it on my way up. I was so busy trying to find it, I didn't see it. I went through all 4 levels only to go back at the start to find it! You probably think I'm blind. Well, I was!


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