September 16, 2013

How Do You Embrace Gray Hair?

I know we all grow old and end up with gray hairs BUT discovering I suddenly have "multitudes" of gray hair was like waking up from a nightmare inside a nightmare! How did this happen and when did tons of gray hair happened? Why me???!!!

Watch the Vlog directly on our Channel: Gray Hair Dilemma Henna to the Rescue!

 "Aaaahhhhh!" I screamed like a loud siren, sounding like someone murdered me in the bathroom. Well, that was what my hubby said anyway. After giving him the litany of my discovery, he just matter-of-factly said, "Oh honey...just embrace it." Say what!? "Embrace?"  I snapped. That is like totally telling me to embrace my mother-in-law! I'd rather scream than embrace it. So, I screamed. Again. Watch my video. I will attempt to hide them. Have you embraced your gray hairs? Or are you like me, waged war with it?


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