March 8, 2013

20 Bad Habits Drivers Do While Driving

A few years ago, My family and I have been a victim of a driver who was texting while driving and got us in a bad wreck in the highway.  That accident left me with a trauma, a whiplash and a heightened sense for bad behaviors on the road. Thank God, texting and driving had been illegalized {that's a proper word, right? LOL} but there are other stupid acts factors people do that should be placed in the same category because they are equally harmful, highly distracting and very annoying! See if you agree.

Unebelievable but true:
  1. Putting mascara on during a green light. -- Seriously. Besides halting traffic, imagine poking your eyes out! Ouch!
  2. Reading a newspaper while driving in the highway.
  3. Applying a lipstick while looking on visor mirror.
  4. Eating a full meal and trying to manipulate utensils with to-go-box on top of steering wheel. 
  5. Accepting a call or on the phone - Worst than drunk-driving! Dangerous swerving, cutting off other cars.
  6. Reading a document.
  7. Reading a book.
  8. Reaching down on passenger side of car.
  9. Loud, blaring music. -- Do you have any eardrums left?
  10. Non-stop gabbing with passenger friend. 
  11. Arguing or fighting.
  12. Rubbernecking.
  13. Slow driving.
  14. Loves stepping on their brakes a lot.
  15. Doesn't use their signals.
  16. Doesn't turn off their signals.
  17. Road maniacs who swerve in and out of lanes.
  18. Impatient drivers who love to use their horns.
  19. Drivers who encroach part of your lane while speeding in the highway.
  20. Trucks who love to trek on non-truck lanes.

I promise I did not make any of these up. That lady putting her mascara on may just have made me swear once or twice. Though most of them shocked me and left me in utter disbelief {Whadda???}, what I'm going to say is, Pullleeeassseee...don't be one of them crazies!

Don't make me buy a monster truck! My hubby may get jealous...

Stay zen.
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