January 10, 2013

The Day in Photos: Incorporating GREEN during the Holidays

Holidays are done and over with but I was rather proud to have been able to incorporate my green initiatives during the Holidays in the form of cute upcycled tote bags created from previously displayed Toyota billboards.

The bags were vibrantly colorful and fits perfectly with the holiday theme. At first glance, none would think it as originally a billboard. The ingenuity of upcycling it to a cute tote bag worked well as a holiday gift bag which I used just this recent Christmas for friends. Giving my love for Green Living as part of the gift was brilliant!

"Thank you Toyota for making Zensible Mama a part of the global movement to protect our planet by sharing your recycling initiative with us to share to others."

What green ways have you implemented in your lifestyle to go green and stay green? 

+Toyota provided tote bags as part of their "green" initiative through TWIN where Zensible Mama was a member.


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