January 25, 2013

How to Get Yourself Nasty-Winter-Weather-Ready in a Jiffy

Sky filled with snow clouds (?) today.

If you live in Charlotte, you'll know full well that our weather can be a bit bipolar-ish. Good one day and worst the next, then good again the next. Worst at times like a woman PMS'ing to no end. It's really hard to keep up sometimes. I've learned that the best approach is just be ready whenever. Like a warrior in a mortal combat, you need to be armed at all times!

Here's how to arm yourself and be nasty-winter-weather-ready anytime:

1- Flashlights. Designate a drawer or a spot in your house where your gazillion of flashlights (the more, the merrier) can be easily accessible and make sure everyone in your house knows where they are. Including your dogs and cats, or birds. (Everyone needs one, even the its!) When it goes dark, you'll know exactly where to reach  for instant light!

2- Candles. I prefer tea lights. Safer and no messy wax dripping everywhere. Stock tons. Saves your falshlight's batteries for the more pressing emergencies.

3. Blankets. Fleece throw blankets are highly preferable. You can drape them on your couches and makes for a great added accent on your home decor, not to say easily accessible when you want to stay warm and cozy if ever electricity goes out and you'd prefer to hang out in your living room or den.

4- Firewood. Suitable for houses with wood fireplaces of course. Always have a stock next to your fireplace. You wouldn't want to get caught without it when electricity goes away and it's starts to get cold inside your house.

5. Portable Butane Gas burner. Most houses have electric gas ranges. Keep one of this at hand. In case, you need to cook food or boil hot water for that soup, tea or coffee to warm you up. And of course, you can't be caught hungry! A growling tummy in the middle of a nasty weather is not right.

Stay warm and stay zen.

Don't let the winter frost... bite!


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