January 21, 2013

Downton Abbey Addictive as a Controlled Substance and as Real as My Past

Downton Abbey is back for the 3rd season and I can't be any happier. It's like my drugs. I crave it like I would chocolate or chips. I can't get enough of it. A safer option than the real you-know-thing but that if it was real, it should be legalized pronto! Because I'm hooked on Downton and no plans of being rehabilitated.

What makes Downton Abbey addictive?
It should not be a mystery how a period drama revolving around a distinguished family and their servants in the 1920's can have this effect on viewers. Watch one episode and you'll immediately see why. The realness,the transparency, the cunningness, and their imperfections, all speak to us in volume!

The show gives us a clear glimpse into the lives of aristocrats, their legacy and how un-glamorous it can get at times and the effort they put in to either cover their mess, fix the damage or simply face the nasty music. It's a raw testament that the life of glam is not at all that glamorous. And then of course, there's their servants which in its entire essence a whole different dimension of unending human saga. Ah! The "Black Horses" O'brien and Thomas.

But if there is one thing that makes Downton Abbey tick, it's that it connects to our own personal stories. Each one of us can relate to each one of their characters. It hits home and hard.

To me, it did a crash landing and I was crushed to the core.

Lady  Edith and her Runaway Groom, Sir Anthony

My personal connection and true confession.

Season 3 Episode 2 The Wait is Over was mind-blowing and took me by complete surprise. Just when I thought Edith, the remaining unmarried Crawley daughter, was finally going to get hitched, in spite of her more antiquated, scandalous male choices, I was happy for her but as it is, the inevitable horror happened. She was ditched at the altar! What a disappointment (that's putting it mildly for you!).

That ditching scene reincarnated a ghost in my past that I thought I had exorcised to Hades forever. It awakened painful emotions long gone. This is going to be hard to talk about but I will admit. I, too, was ditched. Not in the altar, but before my wedding day. The pain is the same. The anguish of being abandoned is the same. The emotional devastation is the same. She cried a lot. I cried a lot.

What makes it worst is the feeling of being deceived. Edith was deceived. I was deceived. She wanted to disappear. I wanted to disappear. She wanted to move to a different place where no one knows her so she can start over. I know that feeling too well. I did that. I moved. It was a painful decision.

To my consolation, if you can call it that, I was afforded the reason why I was deceived. Thanks to Karma, my ex-fiancee finally revealed it to me, but only after 7 long, stinkin' years.

This tragic scene unexpectedly left me crying. I was crying with Edith. Edith became me at that particular moment. It was like looking at me in the mirror. I was crying... for myself.

Matthew and Mary Crawley

This is what makes Downton Abbey addictive. Its power to mimic REAL LIFE. As real as my tragic love story in the past.

And let's not forget their classy fashion statements. Timeless!

What is your Downton Abbey story?


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