November 5, 2012

Sea Fog and Day Moon Phenomena Off of Sta. Monica Beach in California

The beach on a regularly sunny day

I've seen and experienced ground fog, Winter fog and cloud fogs descending from the mountain but never once seen a Sea fog, much less be aware of it, this, until my recent trip to Sta. Monica Beach in California! When I saw it, all I could muster was "Holy Schmokes! Wow..." It was a spectacular sight to see! The fog slowly rolled in from the shore, getting thicker by the minute. It got so thick, it engulfed everything and things totally disappeared in sight, including the whole boardwalk attraction at the beach. "Just wow!"

Boardwalk up close

The fog started very early in the morning. Thanks to my East Coast body clock, it woke me up pretty early to see this amazing phenomena and right at the comfort of my hotel room up top!

Then the fog started rolling in...slowly at  first...

Then it gained momentum. And before I know it, it traveled pretty quickly inland.

The whole beach was hidden in the dark, thick fog. But then there was one peculiar yet equally amazing thing peeking out from the cloudless-kinda-hazy California morning sky...

"Oh.Em.Gee! Is that...Is that...THE MOON?! Wowza! Two phenomena in one day. Am I such a lucky gal today or what?!"

Yes it was The Moon! Day Moon to be exact. and yes, I have to google that.

I finally captured a good picture of the moon! Thanks to my telephoto lens.

To say this was too much freak of nature in one day, is to me, a very welcomed treat as you can see! I was beyond ecstatic to have experienced it. I guess freaky but awesome things like these only happens to me in California. Oh yeah. Bring it on anytime! Earthquake and hurricane excluded please.


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